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Daniel Asensio is the Country Manager of Wildix, a company specialized in cloud and browser-based unified communications (UC) thanks to the use of WebRTC technology. Technical Engineer in Information Systems, Master in Telecommunications Management and Management, and MBA from the School of Business Administration, is firmly convinced that technology must contribute to the sustainable development of society and, furthermore, at the service of people. He views this 4th Industrial Revolution as a complex and far-reaching process that redefines all the previously established rules of the game.

Interview with Daniel Asensio, Wildix Country Manager

What is the current context of the UCaaS market in Spain? How have they evolved in recent years with the growth of teleworking?It is undeniable that the pandemic accelerated the penetration of teleworking, understanding it as a new relationship format between employees and companies. Let’s understand teleworking from the point of view of omnipresence and not from the point of view of connectivity. Remote connectivity was already a functional and solvent reality, but far removed from the concept of teleworking. It is important to highlight the creation of social and economic value that teleworking is contributing to society, and despite conceptual resistance, it will be implemented in Full Remote or Hybrid format. The context in which the UC market lives in Spain contains two derivatives in event format . A triggering event, which forced companies to make strategic and technological decisions. And later, a new culture of operations that had been implemented and that had exceeded all the conceptual expectations implicit in its definition. In other words, teleworking worked. We are in an initial stage, where messaging, video and voice have penetrated as common communication tools. But we are still a long way from the potential of Unified Communications. We differentiate between two important aspects to take into account that define the vital contribution that UCaaS have in all organizations. First, it is convenient to understand UC as the set of solutions that allows us, immediately, to connect business processes where people and machines interact in a coordinated and efficient way. Also resort to the As a Service model, which guarantees the possibility of building a flexible exploitation model, predictable from a cost point of view, and also sustainable, from a technological perspective.With hybrid work implemented in many companies, new needs are emerging. What will be the most relevant in 2023 and how will they evolve the sector?Companies that have implemented a hybrid work context discover the need to develop intelligent workstations (Digital Workplace). In short, they have provided their employees with the necessary technological capabilities, regardless of location and devices (BYOD), generating enriched, secure and high-availability Synchronous communications. All this in a hybrid architecture of access and transport networks, hosting (Cloud’s) and interconnected business applications. Security is and will be a continuous need for all companies, and together with integration, are corporate strategic factors. Currently, it is essential to move towards efficiency without fear through the digitization of processes and the integration of applications. To have a high level of customization it is necessary to resort to communication platforms.What benefits does a company get by choosing a complete UC&C solution? What differential factor does Wildix provide?Unified Communications and Collaboration correspond to new work methodologies where we move from unified information on which users collaborate, to an additional layer of integrated communications that enhance collaboration. This implies that a company that adopts this work methodology (the vast majority), must bet on solutions that allow it to increase its daily activity at a reasonable cost. (Costs in terms of necessary infrastructure, Security, required Hardware, integration with solutions.) Understanding these elements as keys in the decision to adopt one provider or another, at Wildix we bet on solutions that intrinsically incorporate the necessary capabilities to deploy a UC solution globally in any type of architecture (Private Cloud, Public Cloud and also On premise). In addition, we integrate the highest levels of security through WebRTC, which we implement natively and allow fast and secure integration with other business applications. Additionally, we provide a generous library of API’s in order to make it easier for software developers and integrators to achieve the most precise level of customization possible. Collaboration is our Unified Communications platform developed in open source that allows developers to generate more collaborative and transparent work environments. And we support all of this on the potential of the web browsers that users use daily to work with their business applications. That is, the browser is the universal window to access many applications and services. And they are safe environments and guaranteed by their own developers. That is why we can deploy our solutions using browsers as user infrastructure quickly and securely.How can companies get the most out of solutions?If we understand the adoption of UC as a strategy and not as a new trend, we can see the great potential that Unified Communications brings. I insist that if we stay with the added communication layers of Voice, Video and Messaging we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Any company uses processes that can be automated, reducing error rates and inconsistencies that affect their business. The goal is to increase conversion factors at a higher success rate. Also the possibility of developing new services for their markets with really interesting costs that encourage investment, beyond the technological vision. There is an infinite world of opportunities if we bring unified communications to the service of businesses as a platform to develop fast interactions, reliable and easy for users and also machines. A real UC platform must be able to “talk” to many different applications and act as a point where communications are enriched with lots of information that is produced in real time. In summary, you have to think about communications that facilitate business processes to get the most out of UC.MSPs are emerging as key players in the channel, what will be their role in its evolution?Without a doubt, Managed Service Providers are the key players in the entire UC adoption and development process. The market has changed drastically for everyone. On the one hand, the client no longer invests in technology, but in business solutions. And these solutions must behave with the same dynamism and elasticity with which businesses behave. The life cycles of these traditional solutions are getting shorter, which is why the “As a Service” format was born. On the other hand, these same solutions must be able to interact with other business solutions resident in the same workspace. In other words, resorting to an interconnection of applications, dynamism and immediate adaptation. The MSP works to support the client’s business, being an active and strategic player that can provide solutions. He is capable of interpreting his client’s needs and generating solutions, by transforming technology into the exact solution that his client requires in a timely manner. But for the MSP to be able to act effectively, it must position itself as a value generator within the supply chain between manufacturer and market. Value is no longer transactional or simple product delivery, but an operational concept that increases as you are an active player in your client’s business strategy. That’s why Wildix works with Managed Service Providers ( MSP’s), because it really adds value by generating solutions in a service format for the market through a platform that really allows you to apply your know-how and experience to your client’s business.What are the main novelties that Wildix is ​​preparing for its new year in terms of services and products? And for the channel and partners?The development of Wildix solutions is closely contextualized to the development of the digital workspace and the unstoppable growth of the Cloud, which we can define as solid growth markets. And all under the concept of CEBP (business processes facilitated by communications – communication-enabled business processes). In fact, we began to operate our new Cloud region in Spain based on AWS, which reaffirms our global operation capacity. Our WMS 6 operating system has gained in robustness and security to facilitate integration with different application environments and architectures. Additionally, we launched in Spain two new solutions based on our leadership in the WebRTC environment: x-bees and x-hoppers. x-bees is a solution aimed at sales channels that need to interact with more integrated communication capabilities with their customers from a single work desk. It has the capacity to establish communication channels quickly and directly and integration with CRM’s, analytical and mobile applications. x-hoppers, for its part, is our commitment to retail markets where we facilitate communication between store employees and customers through a combination of hardware and software that allows the customer to activate instant communication events with store personnel and thus improve the user experience. Walki-talkie technology does not allow you to interact with the customer who is in your store. With x-hoppers we increase the level of interaction with the public of the trade in a fast and simple way. In addition, it is an excellent in-store lead generator as it can be integrated with QR codes available to the public.

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