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Phil Spencer was recognized this week with the Andrew Yoon Legend Award at the 12th Annual New York Game Awards. To receive the prestigious award, the head of Xbox prepared an emotional speech where he invited the entire industry to be more united in favor of gamers and developers. Specer highlighted the important role that video games have in today’s world, as they are a source of joy for many people. For this reason, he issued an invitation to eradicate negativity, so that companies leave behind their differences and fight to truly unite the community.
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Phil Spencer calls for industry and gamers to unite

During her speech, Spencer stressed that companies and developers have a very important responsibility: to bring joy and fun to people with their creations. For this reason, he believes that the union between all members of the industry is essential. From his perspective, it doesn’t matter what scale or what type of titles players get into their hands, they’re all going to give them incredible moments. So he invited companies and creators to be aware of this and strive to deliver joy and end negativity. “Today, as creators, as leaders, as world builders, our greatest responsibility is to inspire and invite joy. Each of the hundreds of titles available to players today and tomorrow is a calling card of joy. Halo, God of War, Vampire Survivors, Peppa Pig, big games, small games, mobile games, indie games, each one of them is designed to bring joy into the midst of our lives, to bring us so much joy that people want to talk. share it,” said the manager. He also called on industry leaders and invited them to “protect and nurture” that “collective joy” that video games deliver. Spencer believes that entrepreneurs need to have a clear vision to “incubate these experiences, create them and grow them.” Finally, Spencer invited everyone to be more empathetic, because in this way the joy of video games will continue to be present in all fans of this form of entertainment. “[Estamos convocados] to seek and surround ourselves with a multitude of perspectives. To honor our differences across experiences and geographies, and to practice empathy by intentionally listening to others. We’re moving away from the divide between players and creators and instead getting closer to each other, as we move forward and amplify the joy together. This is the echo effect of the joy of gaming,” Spencer concluded. x
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