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An integrated ERP solution is the engine of technological change in the company. But not any management software can play this role. The mere fact of implementing new programs does not mean that companies can improve their processes. It is necessary to use integrated solutions, which eliminate duplication and make processes more productive. An ERP solution of this type allows, for example, integration with Human Resources software, something that is essential when dealing with solutions that share data. When an employee needs to take a business trip to visit a client, he sends the expense notes from his mobile so that they can be posted. There are solutions that simplify this process, such as ZTravel by Zucchetti, which uses an optical character recognition (OCR) system that allows you to automate this process, and record invoices and expenses in the accounting area of ​​the ERP. At the same time, it is necessary to use tools to manage the mobility of Human Resources, such as the solution offered by Zucchetti HR to plan and organize travel expenses, choose the best route and monitor all expenses, from fuel to hotel and restaurant expenses .When working with integrated solutions, the tools can optimize your management processes and automation is increased. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have realized that they need to go digital, but also that they have to evolve towards integrated solutions that facilitate internal communication.In this line, the growth of teleworking and the need for the company to be able to adapt to all types of demands in an agile way, has caused many organizations to choose to implement an innovative and integrated ERP, which responds to their digitization needs, such as It is shown in the Zucchetti Spain guide How to choose a successful ERP.

Innovation and integration, key to choosing a management software

Today companies need ERP-CRM software solutions that allow them to connect their entire structure. It is not possible to work with tools that work in isolation if we want to address digitization and teleworking. In this line, traditional ERPs have given way to new innovative and cutting-edge solutions, which allow the integration of all processes and respond to the varied needs of companies, with functionalities that facilitate comprehensive management, from billing needs, accounting and purchases to integration with e-Commerce, Human Resources, Business Intelligence, MES software for production control…etc.

Zucchetti stands out for having its own innovation centers on the peninsula and investing 15% of its annual turnover in R+D+i

From this approach, Zucchetti Spain stands out for having its own innovation centers on the peninsula and investing 15% of its annual turnover in R+D+i. As a result, its catalog of solutions is the most complete and advanced on the market, with ERP-CRM solutions, MES production control software, HR management software, payroll and worker mobility system, POS software for hotels and retail, consultancy and office management software, workspace management solutions, production scheduling and planning, cybersecurity, or access control and security, thus becoming the ideal technological partner for any company that needs to tackle a project integrated digitization and innovative solutions.

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