Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Konica Minolta’s multifaceted Workplace Pure services have been developed to speed up the handling of daily tasks, allowing more time for core business.Office work can become tedious for any employee: scanning endless sheets of paperwork, retyping printed files, translating documents, converting to other formats, managing IT infrastructure such as servers… Nobody likes to spend too much time on these functions, but in the end they are perceived as an inevitable aspect of office life. To be more productive and streamline all For these activities, it is essential to have management software capable of helping workers invest as little time as possible in these tasks. In this sense, Konica Minolta launches Workplace Pure, a new on-demand platform designed to make business processes more fast and efficient. It is a maximum security cloud platform that offers a wide range of intelligent services, making it possible to simplify all these daily tasks and making life easier for the employees of any company.

Konica Minolta launches Workplace Pure, a new on-demand platform designed to make business processes faster and more efficient

Its operation is simple, Workplace Pure allows access to a series of services on the different devices associated with work, in the same way that anyone uses the different applications on their smartphone, according to their preferences and needs.In this way, and from a constantly evolving range of services, the platform helps the team to be more productive by facilitating office work. Users will be able to easily access its services from any location and device: smartphones, tablets, laptops and bizhub multifunctional devices (MFPs). Workplace Pure allows 24/7 access to an entire marketplace of services including document translation, document conversion , cloud printing and direct upload to cloud repositories, all from a single trusted source. Plus, it’s an easy-to-manage platform, with no complex or tedious administrative tasks required, and an intuitive interface that makes user and device management easy. As a secure and compliant platform business model, Workplace Pure does not requires the installation and/or management of any additional hardware and software, access is free and you will only pay for the services that are used. Therefore, it accelerates and perfectly integrates a priority strategy for the cloud. Among its specifications, this platform has a high level of security. Encryption and pseudonymization of users’ personal data form the basis of the platform, which is hosted in an ISO 27001 certified data center located in Germany. Your Workplace Pure ecosystem will be automatically updated and always compliant with the latest security regulations. Workplace Pure is the change any business needs to rethink the way they manage everyday tasks and help all their employees be more productive every day.

By Alvaro Rivers

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