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Chatbots have been living with humanity for more years than they seem. They are gaining prominence, especially since the arrival of Siri and Alexa. In addition, the repercussion has gradually increased with the arrival of the GPT Chat. About this, Enreach has explained the reasons why consumers increasingly choose this way of communication, among them they highlight that they provide immediate attention, humanize the brand and help resolve incidents earlier. “The digitization of companies has caused users to want to keep in touch with them whenever a question or incident arises. For this reason, companies need to include precise technologies that help boost customer service and that are of quality so that users have a good experience in the process”, explains María José Jerez, CMO of Enreach Spain.GPT-chatThis free virtual assistant has caused such a stir because, through Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is capable of holding conversations and performing tasks related to language: from translating a text to writing a script or advice on how to invest on the Stock Exchange, as well as the generation of code language. Since then, companies have been investing in AI, cloud-based programs and automation to develop the potential of these “robots” in commercial activities, functioning as a support, above all, in customer service departments to improve the results of their work.

Importance of chatbots

These are the reasons why consumers increasingly choose this way of communication:Immediate attention for an increasingly demanding consumer: Today we find ourselves with an increasingly demanding market, consumers expect brands to be available to them twenty-four hours a day. This is one of the reasons why companies include chatbots in their customer service system. In this way, the feeling of uncertainty on the part of the consumer is eliminated when contacting customer service during festive periods, for example.

From Eliza to GPT Chat, why are consumer chatbots so popular?

They humanize the brand through personalization: chatbots have the ability to recommend products or services to the consumer based on the preferences they have previously indicated. The connection of the chatbot with the CRM of the company itself allows the collection of consumer information that agents can consult to provide a solution according to their needs and thus improve their experience.Quick problem solving thanks to contextualization: Thanks to the AI ​​that chatbots incorporate, agents accurately analyze customer behavior patterns. This process gives them the ability to prevent problems before they arise. In this way they offer a proactive and agile customer experience.They collect data to improve the customer experience: each of the interactions that are carried out provide very valuable information to companies, since they provide companies with a true image of user needs. Therefore, AI will help chatbots to improve in conversations or in search terms, which leads to creating a less artificial and more enjoyable communication structure for consumers. In this sense, the data collected is useful to create more precise answers, to better understand the behavior of users or to measure their satisfaction.

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