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Production on Joker: Folie à Deux recently began in December, and now the film’s working title has leaked.

An image purportedly taken on the set of the new Joker movie has been leaked via @therealdruma on Instagram, it shows the word Juliet framed by a silhouette of two people dancing, matching the logo revealed in the first teaser. Joker 2.juliet working title of joker 2

Why Juliet?

When Todd Phillips’ first Joker movie went into production, it did so under the working title of Romeo. With this being a direct sequel, it makes sense that the sequel would adopt the title of Juliet, paying homage to Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet. The combination of these working titles seems to suggest that a Joker sequel may always have been part of the plan. Despite the fact that Warner Bros insists that this film was meant to be independent, given the connotations that the title carries. It looks like Joker: Folie à Deux will be something of a love story, exploring the relationship between Harley Quinn and the clown prince of crime. There are also rumors that this sequel will be told from Harley Quinn’s point of view, and the fact that Juliet is the working title certainly supports that idea. Joker: Folie à Deux will be released in theaters on October 4, 2024. Carlos Gallego Guzmán Since I can remember I have always felt attracted to drawing, comics and especially cinema, “Star Wars: Episode IV” is the fault of this hobby, I felt fascinated by the large number of spaceships that appeared in it and the entire world created by George Lucas, the scene of the Corellian ship being pursued by an Imperial cruiser that was advancing to fill the screen was impressive. John Williams’ music was catchy and easy to remember, by then I remember my sticker collections and dolls from the saga. Another great influence has been comics, specifically the Vertice editions of Spiderman, Patrol X, The Avengers, and The Fantastic Four, with which I learned to draw by copying the cartoons of John Romita Sr. and Jack Kirby. So it was not surprising that he ended up studying at the Zaragoza School of Arts.

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