Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Recent years have marked a before and after in awareness of the need to implement a secure hybrid work system that guarantees business continuity in large organizations. And the most recent studies suggest that 2023 is going to be the year in which this trend is going to settle in the SME segment. According to INE data, the percentage of small and medium-sized companies that allocate from 20 to 50% of their annual budget to digitization will double. In Spain, more than 99% of the business fabric is made up of SMEs, so the growth in technological investment is going to be very significant in the country. More than half of these companies already consider sustainability one of their priorities and, if we add to this that they are now one of the main targets of cybercriminals, the need to implement a profitable solution that covers all these aspects at a cost content becomes urgent. Considering all these requirements, Virtual Cable, a company specialized in the digital transformation of the workplace, has developed UDS SMB, a 360-degree solution specifically for SMEs. Based on its consolidated VDI UDS Enterprise technology, this software allows you to implement a hybrid work model tailored to your needs, quickly and easily, with the same security mechanisms as large corporations. In addition to guaranteeing the continuity of their businesses, it helps them boost their sustainability and meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Virtual Cable has also thought of an alternative for those SMEs that do not have IT infrastructure: UDS DaaS

UDS SMB incorporates all the differential functionalities of UDS Enterprise, such as compatibility with any technology thanks to its open source base. It provides unlimited flexibility to create a fully customized platform of Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications, while simultaneously enabling remote access to physical computers located on business premises. Thus, both businessmen and employees and freelancers can access at any time, from any place and from any device to all the computer tools they need to work. Virtual Cable has also thought of an alternative for those SMEs that do not have IT infrastructure: UDS DaaS. It is a secure VDI solution, 100% managed by certified partners who design customized virtual desktops for their clients, and which, due to the pay-per-use model and the innovative features of the solution, make it easy to adjust costs to the maximum. Currently, the UDS DaaS Partners that provide virtual desktops as a service, and that provide support in Spanish, are Data Recover, IR soluciones and Velorcios.Both UDS SMB and UDS DaaS are eligible for aid within the Digital Kit in the virtual office category and cybersecurity. These products allow SMEs to implement a comprehensive solution that provides them with 24×7 secure access to their jobs in record time and with minimal investment, meeting the requirements of the National Security Scheme (ENS). Thanks to Virtual solutions Cable, the best business continuity and contingency tools, is no longer a viable option only for large corporations. The Spanish software developer company is advancing in its objective of democratizing access to VDI technology by making its technology available to SMEs, which has received the Madrid Network Award for the best solution against climate change.

By Alvaro Rivers

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