Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

While puritans in the West continue to disgust the popular genre Netorare (NTR) because they continue to identify with the pathetic and blind boy who is deceived, the Japanese continue to enjoy one of the genres that tend to have the best drawing and whose anime adaptations are usually the most memorable, not only because of their history, but also because It seems that the studies “give more desire” to the adaptations with this type of stories. That was what the Twitter user reported “@dIsiter_NYANSAK“, who revealed the results of an analysis carried out on the doujinshi distribution platform, DLsite. The user researched which categories were the most popular among industry fans, evidently having Netorare (NTR) in the first position for another year (the green arrow indicates that the term did not change position).

Let’s review the list in question: “10. Shokushu (触手)“, which translates as tentacles. That’s right, the popular Japanese pornographic genre that was born as part of a protest against the censorship law. You did not know? The Japanese draw tentacles in their porn because, since they’re not penises, they shouldn’t be censored. “9. Miminame (耳舐め)“, which translates as ear licking. Perhaps popular due to the over-production of ASMR recordings that we have today. ASMR has become a very popular doujinshi content in Japan. Let’s remember that doujinshi is not a word to refer only to manga, but to any content that someone produces and sells themselves. “8. Ohokoe (オホ声)“, which roughly translates as loud. Maybe something also popularized in ASMR. “7. Oneshota (おねショタ)“, which has no translation as such. It is a term that combines the words “Onee-san” or older sister, and “Shota” or attraction to young boys. So it’s about grown women having sex with boys, simple as that. “6. Gyaku Monkfish (逆レイプ)“, which translates as reverse rape. It generally defines when it is the woman who abuses the man, although it can be confused with femdom. “5. Chikubi/Nyuurin (乳首/乳輪)“, which translates as nipple/areola. Precisely that refers to the tips of the female breasts, perhaps being more specific, when they are quite prominent. “4. Loli (ロリ)“, which needs no introduction. “3. Saimin (催眠)“, which translates as mind control. That’s right, all those shows where a leading man (usually obese and unattractive) somehow manages to hypnotize beautiful women into having sex with him. “2. Futanari (フタナリ)“, the popular old women with dicks that Ted Bear mentioned in his movie. They are not exactly transsexual, because these girls maintain both sexual organs. They are rather hermaphrodites. Some believe that futanari were created to always have two girls on the scene, that is, the perfect hentai for the heterosexual male viewer. “1. Netorare (寝取られ)“, the popular category of infidelity. Stories of women being blackmailed or simply bored by their husband who is not interested in them, and who start an affair with another man. On many occasions, in the end, the woman is carried away by pleasure and can no longer live without her abuser. Font: @dIsiter_NYANSAK on Twitter

By deepak yadav

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