Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

the japanese portal myjitsu shared an article noting that although the second season of the anime Tokyo Revengers has started airing, there is little or no interest in the series, not only because of its exclusivity on disneyplusbut also because the unpopularity that the manga had after its end ended up being transferred to the anime.

«The second season of the anime adaptation of “Tokyo Revengers”which sparked a media boom for dealing with gangs, began airing on television networks and streaming services on January 7. However, it has become a trend due to negative reviews and it is rumored that “its glory days are over.”“». «The second season of the anime, titled as “Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown”, began airing on January 7, and later on other television stations in the country. The first season aired on 10 networks, but the second season was greatly expanded to 37 networks across the country. Considering the boom of the past, this is a reasonable number of stations». «“Although the terrestrial broadcast is expanding, it is only available online exclusively through Disney Plus. There are no plans to distribute the series on Amazon Prime Video or Netflix, so it is possible to miss it. In the age of streaming, exclusivity on a platform with a small number of members is a bad idea.commented one industry critic. «The second season of “Tokyo Revengers” has finally been released, but no one talks about it, as if its popularity so far has been a lie. It seems that not only the exclusivity worked against him, but also the quality of animation. Comments like: “The original manga has ended, it’s been a while since the first season, and the distribution is exclusive to Disney Plus, which is a mess, so who’s going to watch it?”; “The exclusive distribution Disney Plus and other shit moves are over. There is a very large segment of the population that will not watch the series, no matter how interesting it is, unless it is available on Amazon Prime Video or the dAnime Store.“; “Why make something exclusive to Disney Plus, when its first season was popular because millions of people watched it?“; “Second season of Tokyo Revengers and the animation has already gone to waste. Better to listen to the voices and see the corresponding pages of the manga“; “They are not motivated in the production of Tokyo Revengers“, among others”. «The situation is only marked by harsh comments. “By the way, the original manga was completed in the November 16 issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine. The end of the series was considered lousy and was very unpopular, so it can be said that the anime has to take advantage of the current story, because what follows after is a disaster“, commented the same critic. In the past, “Tokyo Revengers” was a representative of shonen, today it is not even a shadow of what it was». Font: myjitsu
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