Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

PassportCard brings to Spain its innovative ASO solution for large customers, which allows claims management, cost savings, the use of applications, as well as the PassportCard card solution, 24 hours a day and throughout the world. Lufthansa already benefits from its solutions: more than 20,000 of its flight crew already use it. Large companies enjoy a comprehensive cost control solution, without the need to take out insurance.

ASO Advantages

ASO solutions are a great addition for large clients where the risk is self-sufficient, from an actuarial perspective. In this case, it is more advantageous for companies to consider themselves insurance “self-payers” in order to receive all the benefits, but also saving the insurance margin and the insurer’s profit. Thus, in an administrative service solution, the claims (the account from which claims are paid) is recharged by the customer. This means that the company itself pays. On average, the cost savings of an ASO solution compared to full insurance is approximately 20%.

PassportCard brings its innovative ASO solution for large customers to Spain

Effect of solutions

These types of solutions unite the customer and the service provider. And it is that, the ASO partner, is in charge of analyzing the data of each month to follow the results and the behavior of the portfolio. Subsequently, changes can be introduced that optimize the performance of the same, adjusting with the approval of the client, to thus achieving better results in the practice of cost containment. In this way, and with a period of one year, sufficient data is already available to enter into the continuation of this type of solution or in the provision of a complete insurance mechanism .

By Alvaro Rivers

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