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Imagine a trip to space… it doesn’t have to be easy right? It’s also not easy for your IT infrastructure to travel to the digital workplace, but hey, that journey to the digital workplace has shown a number of things, as reflected in the study “The Dilemma of Distributed Work: When Innovation and Job Satisfaction compete”, in which it is revealed that almost half (48%) of those surveyed in Spain affirm that their organization is more innovative if employees come to the office, while 85% say they achieve greater job satisfaction if they can work from the place they choose. Additionally, more than half (56%) of employees in the EMEA region with full and hybrid telework policies report higher morale, more creativity (52%) and more collaboration (53%) in their teams.

The transition

Right now, the vast majority of companies are struggling to make the journey to the digital workplace a success. Among other sections we can point out the complex configuration of systems and applications; the use of software tools or equipment that is used in a company and that is not approved or controlled by the IT department known as Shadow IT; information silos, terminals, applications, data… The cloud can solve a good part of this problem, but in a multicloud environment, management is complex. Therefore, in addition to a strategy, it is necessary to have the appropriate tools to get the most out of digital work. Among these solutions, VMware WorkSpace ONE stands out, an intelligent digital work platform that simplifies and protects the distribution and management of any application, from any device and anywhere. One of its main advantages is that it performs a unified management of all terminals, which allows IT managers to consolidate management silos in mobile devices, computers, etc. and, in this way, reduce costs and improve security with real-time management. Another advantage offered by the VMware platform is that it allows the transformation of traditional virtual desktops while providing simplicity, flexibility, speed and scalability. With VMware Workspace ONE managers get a common control plane across the entire multicloud environment. Improving the user experience should be a top priority on any journey to the digital workplace. All this reinforcing security, since it should not be managed in the traditional way as the attack perimeter has been expanded. Using the VMware platform, IT will be able to aggregate and correlate data from across the digital workplace. In this way, you can access more information, perform better analysis and carry out effective automation of the most common IT tasks. Regarding the security section, the platform allows the combination of intrinsic security in devices, users and applications to simplify the activation of zero trust access control.

How to successfully make the journey to the digital workspace

Traditional management vs. modern

In reality, what the platform makes possible is nothing more than managing IT in a much more modern, agile and simple way than it has been done up to now. Thus, traditional management has always been oriented towards managing workstations and local networks, a situation that changes radically with modern management, much more focused on the user and the applications that the user needs to work, regardless of where they are. This is where VMware Workspace ONE takes on a special role, allowing you to manage and protect all devices for any use case. And we are talking about all kinds of devices: from traditional desktop PCs, through laptops or smartphones, to IoT devices, which are increasingly common in companies, regardless of the operating system they use. This gives employees a consistent user experience across all devices, which also simplifies device management. The employee, for his part, improves his productivity since, regardless of where he is working, or through which device he is doing it, he only has to enter a single password to log in and access the applications. Data is also fully protected from threats because Workspace ONE offers a comprehensive security approach that encompasses users, endpoints, applications, data, and the network.

Have the right partner

Establishing an effective digital work strategy is not an easy task. IT departments often do not have the time or specialized personnel to carry it out. That is why it is important to have a partner you can trust to help you reach the port, such as Offshoretech, a recognized specialist in the implementation of VMware solutions and with more than 17 years of experience managing business mobility, with more than 200 clients, managing mobile fleets of up to 25,000 devices, more than 40 specialized certifications and alliances with around 30 international technology partners.

By Alvaro Rivers

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