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The Last of Us series is just around the corner and will premiere on HBO in a matter of days. Fans of the saga are so excited to see Bella Ramsey as Ellie that they decided to go ahead of production and bring the actress to The Last of Us: Part II. Thanks to a mod, players can now enjoy the sequel in a new way, as Ellie will look as if she had always been played by the renowned actress. Curiously, this project is the responsibility of Alejandro Bielsa, a developer who works at Playground Games.
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Bella Ramsey arrives at The Last of Us: Part II thanks to a mod

Bielsa explained that they found a way to modify Ellie’s face and replace it with the face of Bella Ramsey. The creative accepted that the mod can improve, because sometimes the expressions of the character are strange. However, the animations fit together very well at times. The creative was encouraged to do the project since he is a big fan of the Naughty Dog title and Ramsey’s work, so he decided to do it as a kind of tribute for the upcoming premiere of the series. To show his work, the developer released a video where he shows the character modifications. “We’re just fans having fun with a game we love, and we’re aware that it looks a little weird here and there, but ultimately this was a mod made with care and out of love and respect for both Naughty Dog (and the third-party studios involved in the development of the games) as well as Bella, and so we wanted to publish it anyway,” Bielsa said. Several gamers complimented the developer on the idea, believing the mod to be convincing despite its shortcomings. Below you can see the video, but keep in mind that contains spoilers of the sequel. So watch at your own risk if you haven’t finished the title yet.

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