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The industry has made significant strides in accessibility in recent years. Sony and PlayStation want all people, regardless of their condition, to be able to enjoy gaming, so they recently presented Project Leonardo, a customizable controller for PlayStation 5. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, reacted to this project presented during CES 2023 by means of of their social networks. The manager praised the Sony and PlayStation project, as he is in favor of any effort that encourages accessibility in the industry, just as the Xbox Adaptive Controller did.
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Spencer congratulated Sony and PlayStation on Project Leonardo

Project Leonardo will allow players with disabilities to enjoy video games in a simpler way and for longer. This is thanks to its high level of customization and its design, the product of a collaboration with various associations specialized in accessibility. Spencer believes that this project is an important step for PlayStation and gamers who want to enjoy their titles. Through his Twitter account, the manager wrote a brief message to congratulate Sony on this initiative that will undoubtedly help many people. “I think this is a great addition to the PlayStation ecosystem, well done,” Spencer wrote. The community celebrated the gesture of the head of Xbox, as many are happy that both companies are committed to accessibility with their respective controls. “I love seeing the mutual respect that these companies have for each other!”, “This is one of those moments when everyone wins,” wrote several users of the social network. On the other hand, there was no lack of inopportune comments claiming that PlayStation copied Xbox with Project Leonardo.

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