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Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, suggested at the end of 2022 a possible increase in the prices of its consoles and services. Although this has not been confirmed globally, the brand has adjusted the cost of its next-generation systems in some countries. The most recent case was that of India, where Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S raised their prices in November last year. Just a few months later, Microsoft’s cheap console registered another change in its cost in that country, so it is already much more expensive compared to its original price in other regions.
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Xbox Series S will be even more expensive in India

Analyst Rishi Alwani revealed earlier this month that Microsoft applied one more increase to the price of Xbox Series S. Over the past few months, the console went from ₹35,990 INR to ₹37,990 INR, i.e. there was an increase of $434 USD. to $458 USD ($8,374 MXN to $8,838 MXN, approximately). At the same time, Xbox Series X, controllers, and other accessories for the consoles also raised their prices in India. Now, Xbox Series S registered another increase, so it went from ₹37,990 INR to ₹39,990 INR. So it sells for $482 USD ($9301 MXN) at current exchange rates. This means that players in the region have to pay more than double the cost of the console in the Microsoft store in the United States, where it is offered for $239 USD. Due to the increase, Xbox Series S already costs in India the same as a digital PS5, which is offered for ₹39,990 INR. During 2022, Microsoft consoles registered several price increases in India, a region where PlayStation has a strong presence. It is important to emphasize that this increase is local and has not been confirmed for other regions for now.

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