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Surfing the Internet, more than once we have come across the very famous “Rule 34“, also known as the “internet rule 34“. Although many also call it the “Rule of Desecrations“What do you really mean? Are there really 33 other rules in some sort of “Internet Manual”? Why did it arise? It seems that it is time to finally explain a concept as archaic as the Internet itself.

Rule 34 is an internet adage from the list of protocols and conventions”internet rules” which states that “if something exists, there is porn of it“. This humorous concept is commonly illustrated through fanarts and fanfictions in which fictional characters from television and cartoons engage in sexual behavior. Its origins date back to 2004 in the lurkmore Wiki, derived from a comic published on the Zoom-Out site. However, it was not until May 2009 that in the forum something awful memes (or, at that time, cartoons) began to be published that made reference to the aforementioned Rule 34. It had already been in October 2006 that the text had been added to the calls “internet rulesof the immensely popular Encyclopædia Dramatica. Rule 35 was created as an addendum to the rule, which clarified that if porn on a topic did not exist, it would be created. Thus, we arrive at:

Rule 34: There is porn of everything, without exceptions.
rule 35: If there is no porn at the time, it will be made. In fact, the “rule 63” also serves as a complement to this rule. An expanded edition of the Internet Rules included this new rule, which stated that For each character there is a version of the opposite sex.. The rule often manifests itself in a similar way to the Rule 34, with fanarts that show the characters of the opposite sex in sexual behaviors. Well, now you know what the “Rule 34” of the Internet, any character you meet, has porn inspired by it. And if it doesn’t exist, it’s because it hasn’t been done yet! Take a walk in the Rule 34 official site and do a search for any character you can think of, we assure you that you will find at least one illustration desecrating that character. Don’t forget that it’s an English site, so take advantage of the search suggestions. Also do not forget the markdown, that is, that spaces are not written in the searches, but underscores. For example: “winnie_the_pooh“. What is quite strange is that the internet rule 34 does not apply at all to anime characters. It turns out that Japan, long before the internet even existed, already had its own culture of desecration in the form of doujinshi hentai. That’s right, anime characters are desecrated, but not under the premise of “Rule 34”, but because it is already a custom that has existed for decades, it is not something that was born from the Internet, at least for that country.
Rule 34

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