Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

DigitalES promotes the first pilot to train data center service and maintenance technicians. And it is that, the shortage of certain professional profiles is one of the great scourges of the sector of data centers in Spain. The pilot, aimed at 75 future professionals of service and maintenance of CPDs from all over Spain, February and March 2023. In addition, it will have the collaboration of Ametic, Spain DC and the UGT and CCOO unions, as members of the Parity Structure of the Economy and Digital Industry sector. The initiative will start with two training itineraries and 17 specialties, which will become part of the SEPE Occupation Catalogue. Both itineraries will be taught 100% virtual and will have a theoretical part and a practical part, during which the operation of real data centers will be emulated.

first pilot

Students, who are recommended to have training in electronics or mechanics, may specialize in the following two professional occupations: CPD service technician (about 550 hours). Technical staff in charge of setting up and maintaining telecommunications and audiovisual facilities, areas for setting up and maintaining telecommunication infrastructures, closed-circuit television and electronic security installations, telephone switchboards and voice and data network infrastructures, sound and public address systems, installations radio communications, home automation systems and computer equipment. Install, configure and maintain microcomputer systems, isolated or in a network.

This will be the first pilot to train data center service and maintenance technicians

CPD infrastructure technician (about 710 hours). Technical personnel in charge of assembling and maintaining infrastructures of low voltage electrical installations, electrical machines and automated systems, refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation installations, applying current standards and regulations, quality protocols, safety and occupational risk prevention, ensuring its continued operation. applying corrective and adaptive maintenance.

By Alvaro Rivers

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