Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Grupo Piñero has relied on Logicalis for the migration of 100% of its infrastructure to the cloud. A project that allows it to continue innovating to improve the quality of its services and guarantee customer satisfaction. The group has thus adopted a hybrid model that allows the deployment of the necessary services for the development of technology in Piñero, replacing the four data centers that it had in Spain up to now. “We are dedicated to tourism, so we are seasonal and we need resources based on demand. For this, it is crucial to have a flexible infrastructure that allows us to freely access any type of technology”, explains Mateo Ramón, CIO of Grupo Piñero.

Grupo Piñero and the cloud

The company has migrated all its on-premises environments to the Microsoft Cloud in two phases: the first in which everything was migrated to containers and a second where those loads and the rest of the services landed in Microsoft Azure.

Grupo Piñero brings 100% of its infrastructure to the cloud with Logicalis

This has allowed it to obtain greater flexibility, cost variability, a differential time to market and an infrastructure capable of adjusting to demand peaks. With all this, thanks to the close collaboration between Microsoft, Red Hat and Logicalis, Grupo Piñero has been able to transform their traditional databases to the Cloud world and, in addition, modernize their applications using Red Hat OpenShift technology. “Our goal is to have a final infrastructure that allows us to have real-time information on processes, facilitating with this its analysis and verification and, consequently, improving its speed and effectiveness”, concludes Mateo Ramón, CIO of Grupo Piñero.

By Alvaro Rivers

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