Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

More than 200 startups have already emerged from the hands of Le Wagon students; some projects that have managed to attract a total volume of 862 million dollars to date through financing rounds. This is the case of Iñaki Mediavilla, who after passing through a web application development program at the company, in 2019 , launched the fintech Ritmo together with three other entrepreneurs. “The average life of Spanish startups is 3 years, although it is a figure that is increasing; and only 20% who start their first project are successful. Hence the importance not only of training, but of a differential proposal such as that of the bootcamps that we propose”, explains Fanny Rojon, Country Manager of Le Wagon.

Success stories Le Wagon

Amenitiz, a firm developed in Barcelona by Le Wagon students Alexandre Guinefolleau and Frédéric Cadet, managed to raise 30 million dollars through Series A financing. A figure that will allow it to take its software services for hotels to other European countries, with the plan to increase its team from 150 to 350 employees before beginning 2023.

Startups developed by Le Wagon students already exceed 800 million in funding rounds

Other success stories can be found in Cohabs, a coliving solution that achieved 58 million euros in 2016; Skello, a SaaS team management tool that exceeded 40 million euros in funding last year; or Heygo, a virtual tourism platform that emerged after the pandemic and that reached 20 million dollars in its Series A financing round. These examples follow the trends observed among startups launched in our country. And it is that, among the industries with the greatest expansion, are projects related to fintech, software development, e-commerce, data and analytics.

By Alvaro Rivers

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