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Technologies have shown to bring important benefits to companies in terms of cost reduction, adaptability to changes, process improvement and efficiency. On this, Entelgy, The BusinessTech Consultancy, has presented the most advanced technologies in which companies must focus their investment on the coming year to improve the agility and efficiency of their company. “These are trends that we have already been seeing during this 2022, but that will begin to become more and more common, since they are more and more necessary and will be more and more present in 2023”, Entelgy sources comment.

4 technologies for 2023

These are the 4 technologies based on Cloud and Data Analytics that will be a trend in 2023:Full Cloud developments. An important part of the technological investment of companies is allocated to the development of applications in the cloud, specifically, according to IDC, it is expected that by the end of 2022 an investment of 2,875 million euros will be reached in this technology and by 2025 the figure will rise to 5,143 million euros, an annual growth of 21.9%. In this field, the large hyperscalers, thanks to their enormous efficiency, have taken virtualization and the systems infrastructure model even further. The infrastructure has become almost irrelevant, since the development by reuse of components on Cloud platforms has completely changed the model, both for the refactoring of “legacy” applications, and for the “full cloud” development of the new.Observability for cloud applications. More and more organizations are moving software application development to the cloud, and this results in increased complexity, as well as a greater number of unexpected errors that are difficult to investigate and resolve. Observability technologies allow you to know what is happening in cloud applications through metrics, logs, and monitoring that you analyze in real time. In this way, not only are problems detected before they occur, but the reasons are identified and possible solutions are proposed.

These are the 4 technologies based on Cloud and Data Analytics that will be a trend in 2023

Process Mining to streamline processes. Many companies, when beginning their digital transformation, dedicate their efforts simply to making digital those processes that already existed. However, most of the time these are inefficient processes and what may be posing an obstacle for the organization, so the mere digitization of processes fails to generate the expected benefits in terms of efficiency and cost savings. Process mining or Process Mining is a technology capable of analyzing all the variants that are part of a business process, compiling all the existing information to identify, in detail, how these processes are developing, which ones are proving to be inefficient and which It is being an obstacle for the organization. It is a very useful technology, for example, when speeding up automated production tasks, as it works with Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to identify the most efficient way to improve the execution of a process.Intelligent operations for decision making. The enormous process of business digitalization generates as a consequence a large amount of available data. These, being correctly analyzed, can become very valuable information that the company can use to its benefit. With the correct processing of this data, we can make the company work through intelligent operations, simplifying and optimizing processes. Intelligent Operations are those that use the value of this data to optimize decision-making in real time, the customer experience and achieve better results for the business. It is about making business decisions based on real information that we can collect and analyze, leaving less room for improvisation and intuition.

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