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In recent years, the unified communications industry has undergone radical disruptions that have created industry trends that attract new vendors large and small. To discuss its growth and the future of the industry, Wildix will host its annual UC&C Summit in early 2023, which will focus on channel protection and deliver true value for the companies themselves and their end users. “MSPs must move to a sustainable channel-led solution if they want to keep their businesses running for the next decade and achieve their goals,” says Dimitri Osler, CTO and Co-Founder of Wildix.

Unified Communications Trends

For Wilidix, the first of these trends focuses on the most important business model that has been consolidated in UC&C throughout 2022: the Managed Service Provider or Managed Service Provider (MSP). Customers have started to request managed PBX services, but they are not satisfied with the simple installation. Providers have had to adapt and reinvent themselves while seeking to create a more stable business model. With managed services, a provider can sell with much more security because their monthly income is recurring. Security has also been and will be a key aspect in the sector. It is no longer just a matter of large companies facing security breaches and ransomware attacks; small businesses and even schools have been targeted by these scammers with terrifyingly high frequency. In addition to promoting training among staff and employees, it is key to move and secure all company information (files, programs and all possible elements) to the cloud.

Managed services and security in the cloud, the trends that define the future of UC&C

business objectives

UC&C make it easier for organizations to achieve a series of objectives to boost business, thus guaranteeing their continuity over time. Thus, it seeks to help companies in their objectives of: Increase salesThese are the foundation on which businesses are based. The current market, characterized by fierce competition, globalization and digitization, has become an uncertain scenario for companies and customer service has become the cornerstone of all commercial action.Prioritize an efficiency improvement: Many companies are increasingly focused on operational efficiency due to economic uncertainty, which highlights the importance of ensuring continuity of operations in a wide range of circumstances, such as remote work, which requires more digitized collaboration . Technology is the factor that allows minimizing the risks and negative consequences of any eventuality.Keep customers safe and secure: security is an essential element for customers, and for this reason it is necessary to promote solutions with integrated security to ensure privacy and a less negative impact in the event of a cyber attack by a hacker.

Wildix Unified Communications & Collaboration Summit 2023

The Wildix Unified Communications & Collaboration Summit 2023 will bring together MSPs and System Integrators, while presenting the latest company news, product updates and where the market is headed. The event will be held online on January 17, 2023 and registrations are now open here.

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