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Daredevil will be different in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character will have a different nature now that he is part of the MCU.

Marvel has revealed the big change that Daredevil will undergo in the UCM. In an interview with GQ magazine, the show’s lead Charlie Cox pointed out a key change in his upcoming Disney+ series. A major change compared to the preceding series that was produced by Netflix. When asked if he has already settled back into the character of Daredevil, Charlie Cox admitted not. But that he is “in the process of preparing for the production of Born Again next year.” And he’s also “rereading Marvel comics from cover to cover.” “Nerd. To date, I’ve only done one cameo in Spider-Man and one episode in She-Hulk, which was very different from anything I’ve done before. So no, now I’m in the process of preparing for next year, when we shoot the series: I’ve reread the comics from cover to cover and I’m starting to try to get myself in shape for a role like that.

Will ‘Born Again’ be better than the Netflix series?

The Daredevil series at Marvel Studios The Marvel Daredevil actor then revealed that, due to the eighteen-episode season, he believes “there will be a strong influence from court things.” Something you think could be an improvement over the Netflix adaptation. “I think because of the number of episodes that they have committed to, there will be a lot of influence from the courts. Matt Murdock, the lawyer in the new series. So I’m very focused on investigating that aspect of the character and his life. It was one of the areas that we didn’t explore much before. Even my accent is probably pretty rusty.” Charlie Cox continued, sharing how he has “re-engaged like it was his first job” since his goal is to never take the role for granted. “No, I’m very excited. I’m preparing for next year and getting back on track. I think it’s important not to assume that I already know the character and just show up and say the lines. I think you have to re-investigate and commit as if it were the first time. And that’s how they continue to find the nuances and deepen the character to make the series the best it can be.” Share0

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