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Jessica Henwick, one of the celebrities who joined the Knives Out saga on Glass Onion, revealed how she learned the identity of the killer in the film.

Netflix has already released all the meat it had on the grill for this 2022. Its last great premiere in the line of films was Knives Out 2: Glass Onion. Rian Johnson’s tape is the second part of the mystery saga and had been expected all year. In this way, it arrived in the catalog on December 23 and had already been released in movie theaters a little over a month ago, following the new marketing model of streaming platforms. In addition, it was a requirement for him to be able to aspire to some industry awards. You might also be interested in: Daniel Craig and Rian Johnson reveal the two big challenges behind Knives Out 2 Like the first installment, this one offered the audience a more than interesting enigma. The franchise opened with the murder of an old billionaire and all of his family members as suspects. On this occasion, it is a game played by a rich man who ends up becoming an island in reality. Everything starts to get complicated when the Detective Benoit Blanc he discovers that each of the guests would have reasons to murder the host. In this way, something that has characterized both films is the intrigue that revolves from the beginning around the identity of the culprit. In fact, not even the cast knew in advance who was responsible for the homicides. However, they did not find out in the end either. Therefore, Jessica Henwick Y Madelyn Cline, who were included in the sequel, touched on the big secret behind the identity of the killer. This was mentioned by the actresses in this regard. Jessica Henwick: You know what, we didn’t actually do a full cast read. It was weird.Madelyn Cline: No never. We never did a table read. I would say that [nos enteramos por] the script. Rian, despite that, did not hide anything from us.Jessica Henwick: Yeah, they did that when I was working on… What didn’t they do? In most of my jobs, they’ve withheld the scripts until the last minute, and often they just don’t give you the end of the script, and it’s just a surprise. Rian is an actor’s director. I think because he used to be an actor. In the past, he was a little theater kid. Therefore, he understands how important he is from the get-go. Thus, the talents recognized the importance of being clear about the answer to the secret from the readings of the script. It is to be imagined that the above helped them to further strengthen each character and the relationship they have with each other.

Knives Out 3

Thus far, the Knives Out franchise has become known for its bulging star-studded casts. Therefore, they will want to keep that element for the third part. Two big names in the industry who could anchor the cast of the murder mystery are Harrison Ford Y Olivia Colman, given his experience with dark comedy efforts. Now what henry cavill is out like Superman and The Witcher, the actor could be looking for another franchise to join and Knives Out 3 would also allow him to continue his already existing relationship with Netflix. Jenna Ortega would be another big name for the sequel, as he’s about to become a huge star following the debut of Netflix’s Wednesday series. She would be the young quota that Ana de Armas was in the first film and in Glass Onion, Henwick and Cline. Source: Comic Book

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