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By Moisés Camarero Aguilar, CEO Grupo CompusofBy Moisés Camarero Aguilar, CEO Grupo CompusofThe digitization process of both public and private organizations is underway. It is an irreversible phenomenon generated by the adaptation to the new job, without a fixed place, as well as the need to adjust to the new business models. The increase in investment in technology directed towards client equipment, whether laptops, PCs or tablets, continues along the lines of growth that we have been observing in recent months in the public environment, but also in the private sector, and all this despite the obstacles arising from delays in delivery. This trend is associated with the need to strengthen cybersecurity, an area that, since the pandemic, organizations are promoting with greater investment and increasingly advanced tools. The need is enormous for hybrid work, mobility and permanent connectivity. In fact, it is expected that in the coming years many of the companies’ income will come through digital and non-physical experiences. These factors lead to the creation of new marketing channels, as well as a greater commitment to the circular economy, sustainability and other models that are on the rise, such as pay-per-use, pay-per-results or dynamic pricing, which are increasingly present. These factors will continue to grow during the next twelve months together with a greater consolidation of data analytics as a lever for business creation in an increasingly sophisticated environment. We must not forget that investment in technology is going to grow much more than the economy in the coming years. It is estimated that 8% compared to 1% of the general environment.

Boosting skills

Organizations increasingly require digital talent and skills, an issue that urgently needs to be addressed due to the lack of specialized personnel in some vital areas such as cybersecurity, networks, the cloud and even artificial intelligence. Our Talent business unit is one of the most favored and will continue to provide the essential people and tools for digital transformation projects, a key aspect for the economic development of the country.

Compusof’s Talent business unit is one of the most favored and will continue to provide the essential people and tools for digital transformation projects

The injection of European capital will also favor technological adoption despite the difficulty of managing these funds. In addition, multinationals will continue to implement our strategies based on digital models that will boost the sale of technology, although small companies will moderate their investment in the face of economic uncertainty. It is evident that digitization drives all sectors, but it also affects the structure of markets and even states. Thus, we are witnessing a new period of vast horizons for our company, when the problems generated by the lack of chips, driven by investment from Europe and the strength of large organizations in our country and its citizens.By Moisés Camarero Aguilar, CEO Grupo Compusof

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