Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

The primary care pediatricians they consider that all the absences of colleagues must be replaced to improve health care, but in the case of not finding substitutes, the extra work should be financially compensated according to the professional level. Primary Care paediatricians in Spain have a registered population of 1,000-1,400 children and an average of visits per day from 20-40. In health centers there are usually, depending on the assigned population, between 2 and 5 paediatricians. given the lack of pediatricians and the cuts suffered by primary care for decades, when a professional in this specialty is on leave or absent, the Administration does not usually cover your absence, in such a way that it forces pediatricians to double or triple their consultations. This reality supposes an overload and an additional stress for the specialists, who assure that it is not financially compensated. Dr. Pedro Gorrotxategi, vice president of AEPAP affirms that “of the 6,000 pediatricians in Primary Care, only 1,400 receive adequate compensation for replacing their colleagues.”

Situation of pediatricians by CC.AA

Below is the number of paediatricians based on the current situation of the different Autonomous Communities. “In all the CCAAs, it is replaced less than 25% of absences and in many of them substitutions are practically never made”, assures Dr. Dolors Canadell, member of the AEPap working group.

Along the same lines, Dr. Marianna Mambié, Primary Care pediatrician and president of the Association of Primary Care Pediatrics of the Balearic Islands (APapIB) and regional coordinator, affirms that “the main consequence of this situation is the query overload because pediatricians have to care for children with one or two places in addition to their own, so it is very difficult for quality care. A second consequence is that the health system of the Autonomous Communities avoids the money for the substitution and the money with which it compensates the pediatrician who has to double or triple the assistance is much less than what it would have cost to hire a substitute, with what money is taken from Primary Care and its professionals. Even more so in cases where the compensation is very small or non-existent.

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