Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Bungie comes with everything for the next few years and the purchase of PlayStation has only laid the foundation for the company (famous for Halo) to make the projects it has in its incubation program a reality. As time goes by, details of what is on the way emerge and this time it is a new video game that was not known about.

Bungie is working on a new third-person action game

A GameRant report shared information discovered by The Game Post in a Bungie job opening that would have revealed important details about the company’s new game. In this regard, the job offer refers to a “new third-person action game that will expand the studio’s own gaming proposals into a new genre.” Bungie has been characterized by shooting games but when referring to a new genre and the third person, it could well be an adventure game.
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Bungie is on a mission to launch cross-platform and as-a-service games from PlayStation

Likewise, the job offer indicates that this new Bungie video game will be made on the Tiger engine, internal and on which Destiny has worked, something controversial since it is known that the problems that the FPS has had are related to the engine and In addition, the work that the studio has put in to update it and provide it with new features in order to keep it current is known. Recently, it was revealed that Bungie could revive Marathon, the extraction FPS that preceded Halo and Destiny. Furthermore, it is said that the company will also release a game codenamed Matter that would offer something similar to what Destiny has been since its launch. It should be remembered that Bungie, under the command of PlayStation, has the mission of launching many multiplatform video games, including mobiles, which will take the banner of the Japanese brand’s games-as-a-service offer for the next few years. Follow here, at WTTSpod.
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