Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

About us? We are the Association of SAP Spain Users (AUSAPE), but most importantly, we are customers, SAP partners and solution providers, who share a mission: to promote the transfer of knowledge among the SAP community and transfer the perspective and vision of the needs of the clients to the supplier. Our mission is to contribute to the growth and competitiveness of our companies by creating an influential collaboration environment. With more than 566 companies, both public and private, from all sectors of activity, we have managed to bring together the interests of the different members that make up the SAP ecosystem. And in that diversity is our strength.

AUSAPE, objectives and resources

Our objectives: Promote the exchange of information of mutual interest in relation to SAPE products Establish relationships with other associations and professional groups Communicate to SAP the needs and experiences of the members of the association to suggest and obtain improvements in the quality of their products Promote best practices in the implementation and use of SAP solutions. Influence the development of SAP software. Promote training courses among partners.

AUSAPE, an influential community that creates value for you and your company

Association Resources: Bi-monthly AUSAPE Magazine: News, opinion, technical articles, interviews and technology news Monthly Bulletin: AUSAPE News and the SAP world, just one click away Weekly Bulletin of calls: Events and meetings organized by the SAP Spain Users Association, their work groups, new interest groups, Special Associates and SAPSocial Networks: IN/TW/IG/YTWho’s Who: Annual magazine that brings together all the relevant data about SAP partners that belong to the AsociaciónWeb for associated companies ( Report: Annual summary of our activitiesServices: Knowledge and Networking: Work Groups/Delegations/Thematic sessions/Thematic sessions/Discounts in approved training SAPFórum: It is the annual event that brings together the entire SAP community

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