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to lend the best care and treatment for the elderly The company Salus Mayores through the service checks of the Community of Madrid makes this opportunity possible. A company which has three Socio Sanitarios day centers located throughout Madrid: Day Center in Ríos Rosas, Day Center in Chamartín and Day Center in Pozuelo de Alarcón. Different centers in which, thanks to various professionals, provide the best care for the elderly, a highly trained work team convinced of their vocation for these people. Also, through a modern space and very good facilities, these places allow improve the quality of the elderly: training and rehabilitation according to each of your needs, that is, according to your personal situation; what’s more, therapies and activities accompanied by responsible personnel and with the best experience to provide professional care of all kinds. Join us, Salus Mayores has quality certification in pursuit of excellence: the ISO 9001 Quality Certification and the special regulations for day centers UNE 158201.
Day Centers?
Concerted day centers that have aid and subsidies of different public bodies. Therefore, the benefited users only they must pay a part of the total of their place, given that the remaining part is financed. Undoubtedly concerted centers that offer a perfect balance between quality and service.
Services for the elderly as physiotherapy; neuropsychology; rehabilitation of: Alzheimer’s: fractures; Stroke, Parkinson’s; occupational therapy; treatment for depression, among others. Besides, different activities: music therapy; excursions; pilates; workshops; gym; recreational activities. For this reason, in their centers they offer the possibility of using the service check of the Community of Madrid, a Financial aid for dependent people, including day centers. This check contributes to financing the cost of the Day Center or residence that the elderly person attends. However, it should be known that the Financial aid is given based on the degree and level of dependency determined according to the scale agreed by the Territorial Council of the System through decree 504/2007, of April 20. Therefore, the following degrees are stipulated:
Grade I, moderate dependence: the person needs intermittent helpGrade II, severe dependence: the user requires help to perform daily activities, but does not need permanent supportGrade III, great dependency: he needs continuous help because of his total loss of autonomy. According to the degree of dependency the economic amount may vary per month minimum €300 and maximum €715.07. Now, having learned about the service check, the following are some of the benefits it offers: Service early attention according to the needs of each elderly person or person with disabilitiestelecare service through ICTs, immediately responding to each of the requests of the beneficiaries. Home help service to meet the daily life needs of each user, for example, cleaning, cooking, washing, among other activities.Day and night center service that comprehensively improves the quality of life of each of the elderly in order to maintain their personal autonomy.Support for families or caregivers of beneficiaries who want the best for their loved ones thanks to the timely and immediate attention of the physical, mental and psychological health professionals of Salus Mayores.residential care service given by the Public Administrations in their own and subsidized centers available according to the permanence and frequency of care required by the beneficiary.

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