Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

While the use of artificial intelligence in current cyberattacks is limited, a new report from WithSecure warns that this is about to change in the near future. Targeting, social engineering and phishing are the imminent AI-enabled threats today and are expected to evolve further over the next two years, both in number and sophistication. “Security is not seeing the same level of investment or advancement as many other AI applications, which could eventually lead to attackers gaining an advantage,” said Samuel Marchal, a senior data scientist at WithSecure.

Artificial intelligence

In the next five years, attackers are likely to develop AI capable of autonomously finding vulnerabilities, planning and executing attack campaigns, using stealth to evade defenses, and gathering/extracting information from compromised systems or open source intelligence.

AI Security Innovations Needed to Keep Up with Cyber ​​Attacks

While current defenses can address some of the challenges posed by attackers’ use of AI, the report notes that others require defenders to adapt and evolve. New techniques are needed to counter AI-based phishing that uses synthesized content, fake biometric authentication systems, and other capabilities on the horizon. The report also addresses the role of non-technical solutions, such as intelligence sharing, resources, and security awareness training, in managing security. threat of AI-powered attacks.

By Alvaro Rivers

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