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As the Federal Reserve kept raising interest rates and tech giants kept laying off employees, 2022 has seen dramatic changes in the global economy. It is also a great year for cryptocurrencies. This year, during a prolonged bear market, UST crashed, 3AC went bankrupt, the Ethereum merger occurred, and the FTX empire collapsed. In the process, some institutions showed us how destructive human greed can be, while other organizations demonstrated their continued commitment to crypto. Economists often say that the economy follows cyclical patterns, and the same is true of industries. In the year 2000, the world economy went into recession and the dotcom bubble burst. At that time, Internet companies skyrocketed at such a rapid rate that many of them were overvalued and speculators dominated the market. In this process, given the high inflation, the Federal Reserve had to initiate a new round of rate hikes. At the same time, the growth rate of the Internet user base slowed, the return on investment fell, and large companies like Microsoft and WorldCom found it difficult to expand. Fueled by poor corporate results and financial scandals, the bubble eventually burst.

Of course, the Internet revolution dates back to 1994. At that time, many dot-com companies began to grow at a rapid pace soon after their creation. Later, some companies quickly increased their valuation through IPOs. At that time, due to insufficient supervision, the financial situation of many companies was not fully and objectively disclosed. Misled by false information, many investors made the wrong decisions. As Mark Twain once said: “History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” What happened to the dot-coms may sound all too familiar to cryptocurrency investors, and we also know that those that survived the harsh winter have become some of the biggest companies in the world. In today’s crypto industry, survival is difficult, but this may be a challenge that all industries must face, and the companies that survive the difficult days will become the biggest players in the sector. In the midst of the current crisis, some companies have stood out. A good example is CoinEx, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange from the ViaBTC Group that has always put users first for the past five years. In 2022, CoinEx updated its brand slogan to “Making Crypto Trading Easier”, demonstrating its great visions. His goal is to achieve perfection in one thing, rather than to secure honors or benefits. Companies like CoinEx that are dedicated solely to the demands of their users will be successful in the long run. From the simple coloring of the user interface, to the comfortable web pages, to the simple operations with the products, CoinEx impressed me with how much thought and effort had gone into the design of their products. At CoinEx, there are no complex layouts or redundant requirements, and even beginners can trade crypto with ease.

Now available in 15 languages, CoinEx offers a wide range of products including Spot Trading, Margin Trading, Futures Contracts, AMM, Crypto Finance and the CoinEx Dock. In addition, the exchange covers more than 600 cryptocurrencies, which meets the needs of most investors in the market. In my opinion, CoinEx is an essential platform for all investors planning to venture into the world of cryptocurrencies as it makes it easy to use a wide range of features. With CoinEx, you won’t be confused by the dazzling array of options on the market. In addition, the exchange has never suffered any security breach since its creation, which has to do with its reserve commitment of 100% of the assets and the double security strategy. After all, for most investors, security accidents could be devastating, yet these kinds of black swan events rarely happen. In “The Innovator’s Solution,” Christensen suggested that the key to growth is to become the disruptor instead of the disrupted. In our opinion, CoinEx is a disruptor in the cryptocurrency market. He has remained committed to a simple motto: Making cryptocurrency trading easier, in all market conditions. In addition, the exchange has also worked hard to remove barriers in the sector and attract more enthusiasts to this space. Today’s crypto market needs companies like CoinEx because they help the industry grow through future cycles. CoinEx will celebrate its fifth anniversary in December 2022. In the cryptocurrency market, a period of five years is no small feat. Hopefully CoinEx will continue to be successful in the future and introduce crypto to more people around the world.

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