Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

The launch of our WorkForce Enterprise AM-C series of office printing solutions marks a significant change for Epson in several ways. We have long been strong advocates of business inkjet, investing over €500 million in the development of our patented PrecisionCore printhead technology since 2018. Today, there is no longer any doubt that inkjet is a more sustainable technology. than laser technology. This conclusion underpins our sustainability agenda and our commitment to sustainable innovation. Therefore, our recent announcement about the end of the sale of laser printers should come as no surprise. But something really significant. The launch of our new WorkForce Enterprise AM-C series marks another step towards high reliability, efficiency and quality for the 40-60 ppm printer segment and efficiently closes a previous gap in our proposition of business inkjet solutions, by incorporating Epson’s No Heat inkjet to the medium print volume sector. Through a series of product and service enhancements, this new range allows us to exit the laser market and make a full commitment to our patented piezo inkjet technology, a viable and affordable solution for all market segments. And this supposes interesting expectations.

In printing there is no longer any doubt that inkjet is a more sustainable technology than laser technology

The WorkForce Enterprise AM-C series responds to the demand for sustainability for this type of equipment in the mid-volume market, offering inkjet solutions for all business needs, from desktops to small workgroups. work up to high-speed departmental equipment, and now also covers all speeds and demands in between, including custom solutions for those who need to go a step further.

Advantages in sustainability

Using our No Heat inkjet technology, this new series, like our other inkjet printers, requires much less energy than laser printers. While a laser printer needs heat to fuse the toner onto the page, our inkjet printers run cool, requiring less energy and allowing you to get your first print right out of the box, with no warm-up time required. This not only makes them more efficient, but also more sustainable: by not requiring heat, less energy is required. They also use fewer replaceable parts, thus optimizing production, shipping, storage space and management. of consumables at the end of their useful life. And because they’re the most compact in their class, they not only fit easily into office environments and save space, they also require fewer resources during production.More information at Roger Bernedo | Head of Sales Office Print, Epson Ibérica

By Alvaro Rivers

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