Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

On the official site for the Japanese singer ichiro mizuki it was reported that the popular artist passed away on December 6 due to lung cancer, at the age of 74. Mizuki revealed in July that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer with metastasis to his lymph nodes and brainfollowing his partial paralysis of the vocal cords in April 2021. Also, earlier this year a new lung cancer was detectedfor which he underwent surgery in June and was receiving therapy for his voice and motor functions.

Mizuki had revealed in April 2021, during the concert “Super Robot Spirits 2021: Stage Terra“, who currently suffered from partial paralysis of the vocal cords. He then added that she was undergoing “checkup after checkup” and that it was the first time this had happened in his career of more than five decades. Thus, the artist celebrated his last live performance on November 27.
Ichiro Mizuki has been nicknamed the “Emperor of Anime Songs“. He debuted as a singer in 1968 and was a pioneer as a singer of anime songs. He performed theme songs for a wide variety of anime and tokusatsu (live-action series with heavy special effects) projects throughout a career that spanned five decades. His previous works include themes for Kamen Rider Stronger, Kamen Rider BLACK RX, Kamen Rider X, New Kamen Rider, fighter V, Voltes V, voltron, Space Pirate Captain Harlock Y Godannar, among many others. He is also known for his many theme songs for the franchise. Mazinger Zincluding original television anime series Mazinger Z, Mazinger Z tai Ankoku Daishougun, Mazinger Z vs. Devilman, Mazinger Z vs. Dr. Hell, Great Mazinger, Great Mazinger tai Getter Robo G: Kuuchuu Dai -Gekitotsuand the anime movie Mazinger Z: Infinity 2017. Font: Oricon News
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