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Coughing is, without a doubt, one of the most annoying and uncomfortable conditions for anyone, however, when it is the children who suffer from the flu or another disease that leaves them with an annoying cough, it becomes uncomfortable. In the context of a cold, the cough can be classified as a productive cough or a dry cough, but it is the latter that can be more annoying since it is usually persistent and irritating, and occurs mostly at night. Next, we will talk about a medicine whose action is effective for the treatment of dry cough, better known as unproductive cough.
What is dry cough?
Dry cough is a persistent cough that does not present expectoration, that is, the cough itself does not produce phlegm or mucus, and therefore, there are no secretions to expel. In that sense, It is an intense cough that can even lead to violent and very consecutive coughing attacks., and whatever its cause, it must be treated from the outset, in order to avoid the typical vicious cycle of coughing. Therefore, the most effective and appropriate remedy to relieve dry cough and its symptoms is one that reduces its intensity and frequency, until the condition disappears completely, avoiding complications.
What causes dry cough?
The most common cause of a dry cough is usually a infection in the respiratory tract, caused by the flu or common cold, and can even evolve into a productive cough in said context of flu or cold. Also, a dry cough can occur due to irritating stimuli in the respiratory tract, for example, when we are exposed to tobacco smoke, dust or the same pollution existing in the environment. In any case, this dry cough should disappear after 7 days, provided that the appropriate treatment to eradicate it has been started. Therefore, if your child has started a treatment to treat dry cough and after the first 5 days, you do not notice results, it is best to take him to a specialist so that he can indicate the steps to follow, which are usually to change said treatment until finding the one that is effective or ruling out other possible causes.
What are the symptoms of a dry cough?
Attacks of dry cough make our sleep and daily routine difficult, but they are also more annoying when they occur in children, since we do not usually recognize the first signs of it, and, therefore, we have a delayed reaction to treat her. The following characteristics are typical of dry cough in children: Need for permanent cough.Coughing without expelling mucus.Tickling sensation and irritation in the throat.Chest clear, without congestion or rattling.Cough sounds dry.makes it difficult to sleep at night. Given the above, we note that the symptoms of dry cough are different from the symptoms of other types of cough, as is the case of productive cough, where the chest is congested and with great difficulty in expelling mucus. To treat the annoying symptoms of cough, the essential thing is to know how to detect the type of cough that the child suffers from, and in this way, be able to choose the appropriate remedy for the type of cough in question.
What is FLUTOX 3.54 mg/ml SYRUP?
Flutox is a medicine indicated for the treatment of unproductive cough (dry cough), irritative cough, and nervous cough, in adults and children from two years of age. This medication should be taken on average twice a day, noting immediate and effective results in reducing the coughing reflex. In this order of ideas, we present a referential table to distinguish the different measures and doses to use Flutox in syrup not only in children, but also in adults, namely:
Adults and adolescents over 12 years of age. 10 ml, 3 times a day.Children between 12 and 7 years old. 5 ml, 2 times a day.Between 6 and 5 years. 3 ml, 2 times a day.Between 4 and 2 years. 2 ml, 2 times a day.
How does Flutox work to treat my child’s dry cough?
Flutox, from Zambon laboratories, is a medicine made from cloperastine, which makes it indicated for treating dry cough, that is, one that occurs without mucus or expectoration. Basically, by taking Flutox, this acts by inhibiting the cough reflex both centrally and peripherally, eradicating that inevitable and continuous need to cough. Flutox does not generate dependency.
How long does it take for Flutox to work to treat my child’s dry cough?
Flutox takes 20 to 30 minutes to take effect once ingested. You will notice how the child or adult stops coughing when taking the dose indicated for her age.
How long should my child take Flutox to eradicate dry cough?
Like any syrup, Flutox should be taken for a period of 7 days. It is always advisable to carry out the treatment properly and while the symptoms last, so that the discomfort of dry cough or unproductive cough does not reappear. Read the instructions for this medication and consult the pharmacist.

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