Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

According to the Digital Economy Barometer, recently presented by Ametic, SMEs in Spain have quite a few problems to digitize in terms of technology, talent and software. However, digitization should not be understood as a barrier. For this reason, Taclia has developed software that allows an SME or individual business to be digitized very quickly, easily and free of charge. “Taclia puts technology at the service of SMEs: all users can also adapt the platform to their needs, they can choose only the functions they want and organize them in the way they think is best”, comments Alex Casals, CEO of Taclia.

The problems of technology, talent and digitization of Spanish SMEs

SMEs in Spain

The company’s objective is to make digitization accessible and transform the way of managing business for small and medium-sized companies, avoiding manual work and covering all areas of daily business management.Taclia works with clients from all types of sectors . However, it also has clients from sectors such as commerce, consultancies and agencies, and hotels and restaurants. Its software is very attractive for companies of different sectors and sizes, since it is highly customizable and allows users to have the functionalities they want, adapt them to their liking and eliminate any other characteristic that represents a barrier or burden.

By Alvaro Rivers

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