Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, shook the video game industry by announcing that he reached an agreement for Call of Duty to reach Nintendo consoles and Steam for the next 10 years. This put Sony in check and that is why the president of Microsoft sent a message to the company behind PlayStation. Brad Smith, current president of Microsoft, used Twitter to share the message with which Phil Spencer announced that Call of Duty will come to Nintendo platforms. Accompanying this tweet, he showed his excitement at the prospect of seeing Call of Duty in the hands of more players.
In case you missed it: “There are no catches,” Spencer responds to PlayStation complaints about Call of Duty “Our acquisition will bring Call of Duty to more players and more platforms than ever before. That’s good for competition and good for consumers. Thank you Nintendo,” Smith said.
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Smith sends a loud and clear message to Sony

This deal between Microsoft and Nintendo puts Sony in a very awkward position. Let’s remember that the Japanese company has accused Microsoft of wanting to “monopolize shooters” and “turn it into Nintendo” with the purchase of Activision Blizzard. However, the Xbox move shows otherwise. This is why Smith took advantage of the social network to invite PlayStation to sit down and talk and close an agreement that also allows him to have Call of Duty for at least 10 more years.
Find out: Call of Duty will continue on PlayStation as long as the console “continues to exist”, says Phil Spencer “Any day that Sony wants to sit down and talk, we will be happy to also close a 10-year deal for PlayStation,” Smith concluded.

And you, what do you think about Smith’s statements? Do you think that Sony will sit down to negotiate with Microsoft? Tell us in the comments. Follow this link for more Call of Duty related news.
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