Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Periodically undergoing a medical check-up can help detect diseases in time whose treatment may have a more effective cure. Health is the most precious asset of the human being, for that reason, it is necessary to undergo periodic tests and analyzes in order to avoid possible ailments or diseases, it is much better to prevent than to cure. Undoubtedly, technological and scientific advances are at the service of medicine and patients, to improve their well-being. The human body is a universe in itself, taking care of it and pampering it is essential, since health is the most valuable heritage of people. Maintaining good health habits is essential, and factors such as a good diet, correct use of one’s body as a work tool, healthy sports practice, as well as not consuming drugs or substances that alter the biorhythm of the body, contribute to this. such as tobacco or alcohol. In short, lead a life as healthy as possible. But, not everything ends there. Unfortunately, it can happen that being a person with good habits in all senses, diseases can wreak havoc on health; either due to genetics, infection or because the body itself develops a pathology due to hormonal, cellular or nervous abnormalities, among others. Given this fact, the second thing to keep in mind is that medical prevention is essential. In Chiron Prevention they make sure that correct medical action, with enough room for action, has a much higher chance of success. One of the great advantages of having a medical check-up is having the possibility of detecting diseases in time and being able to treat them more effectively; but looking for a good clinic and the best professional team will also provide that advantage. Prevention can save lives Fortunately, medical advances have provided a series of pre-screening tests for many types of diseases, especially cancers. In both men and women, the age factor can influence the appearance of certain pathologies related to cancer cells that, although periodic and exhaustive control can be carried out, detecting them at an early stage can be the risk factor. achieve a cure or a fatal outcome.

breast and colon

There are specific and periodic tests to detect these two types of cancer. The first tends to affect women more and the second to men. That is why if there is a risk factor, as if not, it is normal to go to prevention campaigns, because thanks to them many lives can be saved. On some occasions they do not attend out of shame, others due to lack of time and the majority due to sheer irresponsibility. However, it is not the first case that a diagnosis from these tests has served to start a treatment that has prevented greater evils.

Blood and urine tests

These are two basic aspects, in both body fluids it is possible to detect levels that give clues to possible pathologies or anomalies that must be corrected. They also give a good sample of the lack of a vitamin or component that the body needs for proper functioning. Therefore, knowing the results of these analyzes, at least once a year, can offer doctors clues about possible pathologies or insufficiencies that can be immediately alleviated with the appropriate treatments or start new explorations to determine the origin of these anomalies.

Advantageous sports and eating habits

The proverb says that “we are what we eat”, and in a way he is right, since nourishing himself with the correct amounts of protein, fiber, vitamins and fats is essential for adequate blood levels. In addition, it is possible to prevent cardiovascular diseases by controlling, for example, cholesterol or the liver, through the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat triglycerides show. Likewise, maintaining a good schedule of physical exercises will help mobility, prevent bone and joint diseases, and improve heart rate, breathing, and posture. In short, taking care of health in its broadest concept is the premise. Putting all efforts into preventing diseases is the recommended goal.

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