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As can be seen from a survey carried out by WithSecure (formerly known as F-Secure Business) among more than 3,000 IT managers from 12 countries, companies require that data be processed in the same region to which the company belongs. Specifically, 38% of those surveyed stated that they are required to process the data in the same region in which they operate, while another 35% said that they are required to process the data in the same country. These data are higher in the countries Europeans. In fact, IT managers in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom say that processing data in their country or region is the majority option. Only respondents from France and Sweden were evenly split on the need to process data in their country or region. The United States and Japan are overwhelmingly required to process data in their own countries, in contrast to Canada (27% ) and Norway (21%), where data processing within their own countries was least likely, highlighting differences in data residency requirements even within regions.

WithSecure has begun to offer customers its Countercept solution thanks to which organizations ensure that data management is always carried out from the European continent

While data residency obligations can be legal, they are often seen as a better way for businesses to operate, says WithSecure cybersecurity consultant Paul Brucciani. In his opinion, “managing data privacy risk in different parts of the world is a headache for organizations. And people care more about how their data is used these days – how it’s collected, processed and accessed is an important consideration regardless of local laws. Ensuring that data stays within a certain country or region is an effective risk management strategy and a potential selling point for organizations.”

Detection and managed response

In response to the growing demand for services that restrict data flows to certain regions, WithSecure has begun offering customers its Countercept managed detection and response solution through which organizations ensure that data management is performed. always from the European continent. In addition, WithSecure actively participates in different research projects aimed at strengthening the European security infrastructure and stimulating technological innovation without depending on the experience obtained in other countries. These projects include SPATIAL – an EC-funded Horizon 2020 project for the development of reliable governance and regulatory frameworks for AI-powered security in Europe. According to Aaron Ding, Scientific Director and Project Coordinator SPATIAL, “one of the challenges around data residency or anything related to technological sovereignty is how to develop first-order technologies and, at the same time, limit their sources to a specific place to improve accountability and transparency . That is why, in the European context, we have to mobilize the resources and experience we have and unite against current and future technological challenges. This is what SPATIAL intends to promote in the development of future AI-based security systems”More information in:

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