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Certainly, the taxes imposed by customs can be a real headache. Some people carry out strategies to pay as little as possible, although they often run into trouble with the law when their plans go awry. As proof of this, we have a “pregnant” woman who tried to smuggle some very peculiar items. As highlighted by the Dexerto portal (via Tarreo), this week the case of a Chinese woman who tried to enter Zhuhai through Gogbei went viral. In the security images we see that she has a large belly, which denotes an alleged advanced pregnancy. The reality could not be more different.
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What happens is that the customs agents intercepted the woman because they found her position suspicious. When she was questioned about her pregnancy, the suspect stated that she was between 5 and 6 months old, which did not match the size of her belly. This reportedly set off the guards’ alarms. Thus, it was discovered that the woman from China faked the pregnancy and that she used a fake belly made of silicone attached to her body to smuggle 202 Intel Alder Lake processors and 9 iPhones through customs. It is believed that her goal was to evade taxes on the items.

Reports indicate that the woman was traveling from Macao, the city where she is believed to have purchased the CPUs and smartphones. According to information, the value of the loot she attempted to smuggle is worth approximately $50,000 USD. The charges facing the suspect were not specified. But tell us, what do you think of this curious story? Do you know of any other similar case? Let us read you in the comments. Click here to read more news related to China.
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