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Elizabeth Banks, the director of Cocaine Bear, says she was inspired by filmmakers like Steven Spielberg, Sam Raimi and John Carpenter.

Hollywood is preparing to see a very unusual movie. A bear high on cocaine will go berserk and start murdering left and right. A complete madness and even more complete because it is based on real events. Is about Cocaine Bear (Vicious bear).You might also be interested in: Kevin Costner shares a nice tribute to the recently deceased Ray LiottaHowever, in the true story, the urdisae died from the effects of the drug. The tape will also be the last time you can see ray liotta on the big screen. The legendary actor died in May 2022. The film will be directed by Elizabeth Banks who, in conversation with CinemaBlend, confessed that he was guided by some of his main references in cinema to create this title. Giant beast stories like Jaws and Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park taught him how to deal with the leading animal. Likewise, the terror and slasher worked by Sam Raimi and John Carpenter were also important.

Influences of great directors

“The movie, despite what you just saw, also has a lot of humor and heart. And, there are some hugs, there are some tears. It really is a story about parents and children, nurturing and caring for each other in crazy times, right? That’s one of the themes of this too, it’s just when things go totally sideways, who can you count on? That’s a big part of the movie as well. That for me, the heart of the movie, the reason I made it wasn’t necessarily because of the crazy bear. I love these movies. I love horror and I love gore, I love comedy, I love sam raimi and i love john carpenterand I felt like this was an opportunity to, this takes place in 1985. So this is a real opportunity to create an homage to some of those types of movies, but also to do something really unique, because it’s also a character piece. ”, he said.“For me, two films of Steven Spielberg The ones I really looked at when we talked about making this movie with the studio early on were Jaws, of course, and Jurassic Park because that’s the other thing about bears, it’s different from sharks. When you see a bear in the wild, across the field or whatever, you don’t want to immediately run away. You think of a [oso] cute or cute And I thought that Jurassic Park He did an amazing job of taking that feeling of wonder and wonder that you haven’t seen something and then putting it in order when you realize it could be you. And that was the feeling that he wanted to get out of the audience. It would be great to see a bear in the wild. That would be fun. And then it could also become scary. Like you’re not paying attention or the bear was on cocaine,” she added. Cocaine Bear is directed by Banks, who has also had a prolific acting career. The cast will also include Keri Russell, O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. It is a Universal and Blumhouse production, a studio specializing in horror. Will release the next February 24, 2023.

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