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HPE public sector The public sector is accelerating its digital transformation processes at a dizzying rate. The irruption of the pandemic was the definitive impulse for a sector that until then was further behind in comparison with private companies. The challenges facing the public sector are translated into two fronts: on the one hand, digitizing internal processes and on the other, to improve the benefits offered to citizens through different digital tools. In both cases, the technological evolution of public organizations and companies has experienced more than remarkable growth. Having the best tools is essential to make the Spanish public sector more efficient, productive and reduce bureaucratic procedures that allow citizens to deal with a much more agile Electronic Administration.

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Public Administration is one of the pillars on which HPE’s strategy is based. Aware of the importance of this sector for society, not only in Spain, but throughout the world, the company has been stressing the importance of the public sector accelerating its digital transformation processes for a long time. He is currently aware that this digitization strategy must go inexorably through the data. And it is that, the AA.PP. It is one of the sectors that handles a greater amount of data. Some data that must be managed, analysed, extract its value and, of course, protected, since it handles a very significant amount of sensitive data. The multinational is committed to transforming public sectors throughout Europe into innovation centers driven by the data to support competitive economies, social progress and a sustainable and inclusive future. For this reason, it is firmly determined to build a secure framework that fosters data-driven innovation, facilitates new models within the EU that attract and retain talent, and grow the GDP of European countries while boosting the development of innovative and citizen-focused services by obtaining more information and optimizing the development of applications. And all this, offering public bodies the latest technology around data with predictable IT costs that avoid unnecessary waste of public money.

Having the best tools is essential to make the Spanish public sector more efficient, productive and reduce red tape

For all these reasons, it offers a clear strategy for Administrations that is based on several points: 1.- Transform legacy systems into platforms for innovation by enabling solutions for legacy infrastructure, throughout the ecosystem, from end to end. nube.2.- Get the cloud to meet the needs of public bodies by creating strategies and mechanisms to optimize and serve as a bridge between the operating models of the public cloud and the private cloud.3.- Get the latest technology is affordable by adopting a pay-per-use approach, enabling public sector managers to manage their costs and align those costs with revenue, while enjoying excellent levels of flexibility.4.- Manage technology with smaller teams that bridge skills gaps by creating greater access to educational experiences and job placement. to make the necessary tools and training available to technology experts to support their development. 5.- Guarantee greater protection of data exchange through a scalable security architecture and zero trust.

The proposal

Based on these principles, HPE offers a suite of solutions and technologies for anyone in the public sector. Thus, for central governments it offers strategic advisory and implementation services to help them use data and plan resources more effectively, allowing the design of services based on real needs. For its part, it helps local governments and town halls with the implementation of open technologies that allow them to transform isolated digital services into fully connected centers. The offer also includes solutions for the public health sector that will allow them to transform their data and e-mail capabilities. promote innovations to advance research, and improve its efficiency. Likewise, in terms of public safety, police, firefighters and border control can act more effectively and meet the needs of the citizens they serve thanks to access to data, while the Defense departments, HPE’s proposal passes because innovation Powered by data, it enables government and private intelligence agencies, military, and defense organizations to plan resources more effectively, support critical decision-making, and optimize operations.

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