Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Being Medellín, the epicenter of the development of projects based on crypto and blockchain in Colombia, receives the fifth edition of the Cripto Latin Fest 2022 with the participation of prominent people in the crypto ecosystem of Latin America and the world to encourage adoption among attendees and offer helpful content on the latest blockchain-led technologies. Stay until the end and find out all the details of the first day of one of the most iconic events in recent years!

First day Cripto Latin Fest 2022.

Among the first talks of the event we enjoyed the participation of MAD Cripto, Juan Rodríguez Papá Bitcoin, Felipe Mendoza and Mauricio Castillo who were talking about Web3 platforms, projections of the crypto market and its relationship with the traditional market, as well as useful information on investment knowledge necessary to be successful today.

Also highlighting the participation of Camilo Suarez, president of AsoBlockchain who was accompanied by Alejandro Muñoz, Michelle Arguelles, Héctor Torres and Carlos Sánchez to discuss the topic on Legality and Taxation of the crypto market, taking into account the transition period in which we find ourselves and which places people as the main influential factors in accelerating the adoption and legalization process of everything related to cryptocurrencies in a large number of sectors.

A high level crypto experience.

Apart from the talks, the attendees have enjoyed a large number of activities designed to facilitate access to the crypto world in which they have been able to win many prizes such as, Official merch from various platforms, free cryptocurrencies and products related in some way to the crypto ecosystem.With an environment that transmits the hope of a future full of opportunities, Cripto Latin Fest Medellín 2022 is presented as one of the most important events of the crypto ecosystem for Colombia this year. Criptoinforme will be present in the 2 days of the event in which we will be transmitting the highlights of this emblematic event in the city of Medellín.

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