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For many Nintendo fans, the idea of ​​reviving forgotten franchises like F-Zero strikes great in our minds. However, for the Japanese company this is not the case and if a project of this type does not find creative and commercial justification, it is a fact that it will remain in the shadows, nothing unusual in the industry in general but in these times it is easier to know about it. those games that weren’t and unfortunately one of them was an installment of the futuristic racing saga.

A fast-paced multiplayer F-Zero

The recent episode of Did You Know Gaming? (via The Gamer) was dedicated to F-Zero proposals that Nintendo rejected, including some recent ones that sought to bring the franchise back on Wii U and later on Switch. One of them was in charge of Giles Goddard, a programmer with experience at Nintendo (he was one of the first western developers to work for the company) being a part of the development of Star Fox, Super Mario 64, 1080 ° Snowboarding, among other projects.
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Nintendo is very jealous about its past and it is difficult to bring it back

According to the current CEO of Chuhai Labs, a few years ago he and a small team came up with the idea of ​​making an F-Zero for Nintendo Switch. It was a proposal that appealed to the tastes of the new generations but maintained the link with the past: “the idea was a massive multiplayer, 16 human players, 16 artificial intelligences, 32 in total, a track editor, map editor that you could share with your friends and yes, 60 frames per second on Switch.” According to Goddard, the hook for this new F-Zero was in the tension it could cause, since any mistake would have different consequences in the race: “it was something super fast, chaotic and super realistic, so it feels like F-Zero , but there was a lot more depth there. It was very interesting to see what situations you could get into throughout the race. You could crash into one ship, it would crash into 2 others, and then the rest causing a complete mess. It was fun to play and see what Too bad you could ruin the race, this new version of F-Zero would have been really cool.” Unfortunately, despite the fact that they presented the demo to Nintendo, the Japanese company hesitated from the outset due to the very small number of developers that the project had. In this regard, Goddard pointed out that Nintendo took that position while the team assured that if they approved the project and the budget they could hire more developers. In the end, the Japanese company rejected the idea and the creator revealed that Nintendo’s logic in this type of case is that if it’s easier to make a new IP than to revive an old franchise, there’s no way the past can come back. Stay with us, at WTTSpod.
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