Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

The company Any style announced the launch of an app called “my dear“, which involves a “real” conversation with a character of the user’s choice, who differ from each other through their personalities. The app is also being showcased during the event.”Kitakyushu Pop Culture Festival 2022“, which is taking place on November 26 and 27 of this year in Japan.

my dear” is an application where the user can enjoy a realistic chatting experience with a character. Your favorite character calls you by name, congratulates you on your birthday, gives you a wake-up call. You will receive messages as if they came from someone close to you. Voice messages can be heard in an experience as if a phone call had actually been made. You can also enjoy other forms of communication, such as selective response methods, or making phone calls to the characters, as if they were spending the same time with you.
Leaving aside the technical details of the app that is currently only available in Japan, why don’t we check out which characters are available?

Udagawa Uika: A second-year student at Jinguashi Gakuen High School. She is an honors student with the perfect triple combination of good looks, intelligence, and good behavior. She fights every day to become an actress, which has been her dream since she was a child.

Omomichi Otome: A second-year student at Jinguashi Gakuen High School. A rich young woman, always sure of herself. She likes novels. She draws her own secondary illustrations of hers and posts them on her social media.

Miyū Miyamasu: A second-year student at Jinguashi Gakuen High School. A nerdy girl who is shy and a bit bad at communication. Inside her, she wants to take on different challenges, have fun talking to everyone, and be proactive.

Itsuki Kuga: Eldest son of the Kukan Family. He is a prodigy who can do everything including studies, sports and art. He became interested in idols at a young age and debuted as an idol after entering college.

Yuuhi Kuga: Second son of the Kukan Family. Good-natured and distant. Popular in class. He admires his older brother, who is his senpai, but is frustrated when compared to him.

Kuga Hinata: Third son of the Kukan Family. He is energetic and innocent, and is a handsome boy by his own admission and that of others. He pretends to become an idol because he wants to be pampered by everyone.

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