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Born in the mid-90s as one of the first Internet applications, ecommerce has brought about the greatest revolution in the way of shopping since the appearance of mega-shopping centers. And, although its most popular segment is B2C consumer sales, The truth is that ecommerce represents a great source of opportunities for companies. This was highlighted in the AUSAPE Customer Experience Working Group, held on November 15.

e-commerce B2B

In the first meeting of the Group, they addressed this phenomenon by presenting the case of the implementation of a B2B e-commerce tool in an industrial company like Gonvarri. The purpose of using this tool was to implement an online channel that allows customers to choose the way to interact with the company, dedicated to the production and sale of steel components. Despite the usefulness of ecommerce for B2B business, it is not always it is easy to convince company managers of the advantages of electronic commerce. For this reason, Balza and Osete explained how they began with a pilot test to receive feedback from customers and, based on it, modify the project. The biggest barrier they found in Gonvarri for the implementation of this tool was the need to have a stock available in the e-commerce.

The importance of ecommerce to develop the B2B business

On the opposite side, B2B e-commerce has saved the company time and travel for salespeople, access to real-time stock information for them, and the possibility of selling outside normal business hours, which results in a growth in billing.Balza also cited other actions that they plan to develop in their B2B e-commerce: adding new product lines to the catalogue, expanding the portal to other regions, customizing it for each store, offering customers information on the status of their order and include analytics capabilities that combine customer behavior with transactional data.

The customer experience, present in the SAP catalog

Improving the relationship and commercial exchanges with customers through the use of customer experience management tools is a priority for companies, and one of the raisons d’ĂȘtre of the new AUSAPE Customer Experience group. Therefore, its first The meeting was also dedicated to learning about SAP’s CX solutions portfolio, divided into four areas: Customer Data, Commerce, Marketing and Sales. Thus, the SAP Customer Data Management catalog includes data management tools designed to protect customer identity, customize the consent chain, and orchestrate multiple data sources into a single customer view that can be used by all company departments. Within the field of Marketing, SAP offers the omnichannel platform for interaction with Emarsys customers, which facilitates the use of available information to learn as much as possible from customers and thus personalize marketing with more precise and dynamic segments and optimize channels In the case of the Sales portfolio, the SAP Sales Cloud solution stands out, aimed at providing a new experience to sales representatives, integrating intelligence into sales operations, which makes it easier for them to better connect with their customers.

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