Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

A few days ago we reported that Himenoone of the characters in the franchise Chainsaw Man, had achieved the first position in a survey on the most hated characters in the series, conducted among female viewers in Japan. Now, With the broadcast of the seventh episode, Himeno’s unpopularity has not decreasedand the portal myjitsu shared an article explaining what the heck is going on in the female viewer community in Japan.

«The Chainsaw Man anime has received overwhelming attention from female viewers. The seventh episode, “The Taste of a Kiss”, broadcast on November 23, caused quite a stir due to the participation of a female character who “is being hated by those of the same sex”. Thanks to Denji’s ingenuity, the members of Section 4 of the Public Security Service manage to defeat the “Demon of Eternity” and return alive from the hotel. Later, a welcome party for the new recruits, including Denji, is held at a tavern» «At the table, Denji presses Himeno about the “reward” for her kiss, which she promised before fighting the “Demon of Death”. Eternity”. When the drinks are flowing and the party is in full swing, the promise is fulfilled by Himeno, who had already been mentioned to have kissed everyone, but a tragic end awaits them…» «In this episode, the spotlight continues to fall on Himeno, who is a high-level demon slayer and close to Aki Hayakawa, as in previous episodes. He plays Denji as a mature woman, and viewers got emotional from his scenes as well. However, some women have expressed their discontent with Himeno’s words and actions.. “They put Himeno as the best girl and I don’t like that, in fact, I hate her“; “I hate Himeno-senpai so much, everything she does creeps me out“; “If she existed in real life, she would hate Himeno immensely.“. The situation was such that the term “I hate Himeno (姫野嫌い)” trended for a while». «In fact, Himeno was very unpopular with some fans around the time of the original Chainsaw Man manga. Several reasons have been cited for this. For example, when everyone was locked in a battle against the “Demon of Eternity”, Himenodespite being a high level demon hunter with a long battle record, I only thought of Aki. She, too, is not very involved in the demon slayer work itself and cares about Aki’s well-being, so It is said that “act with the heart, not with the brain”». «It is also suspected that she is the typical “self-proclaimed easy woman” for her character of behaving unusually friendly with men., since it was revealed as the “kisser” in the outings to drink. Also, the way he showed his affection to Aki, while making a picturesque gesture towards Denji, seemed like an element that made some women’s hair stand on end.». “In reality, however, this may be due to her codependent relationship with Aki, who has a large female fan base, and her somewhat girlfriend attitude. In particular, Aki is portrayed as extraordinarily attractive in the animation version, which is probably a headwind for Himeno. It would be nice if he could regain some of his popularity in the future…” Font: myjitsu
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By deepak yadav

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