Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Ecosystems, safety and sustainability, these are the key trends in professional mobility. This was expressed today by Motorola for Business, at a press conference. The company plans to continue its upward trajectory, driven by its integration into the Lenovo ecosystem, which has allowed it to become the fastest-growing manufacturer in the B2B environment. Hand in hand with Lenovo, we are committed to building a complete ecosystem of solutions aimed at companies. This will help promote Motorola for Business as a leading brand in the professional mobility sector”, says Alejandro Sánchez, Business Development Manager – Motorola Mobile Services for Iberia.

The future of professional mobility

Ecosystem solutions and the consolidation of the smartphone as the main work device are part of the global trends that Motorola for Business considers to be key to the development of the B2B segment in 2023 and 2024.

Ecosystems, security and sustainability, key trends in professional mobility according to Motorola

The brand also points to a reinforcement of the growth of 5G connectivity and mobile security as an aspect to take into account in the next two years, which opens the doors to the need for organizations to strengthen their mobility segment.

Mobile services ecosystem

The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that seamlessly integrate into Lenovo’s professional services ecosystem through its ThinkShield for Mobile platform. This portfolio includes outstanding services to boost productivity such as:Ready For: Connectivity technology that allows you to integrate smartphone applications and computer files in an extended format to facilitate productivity. This extended space enhances the video call experience and the viewing of emails and mobile documents on a larger screen.MotoTalk: A business productivity platform compatible with both PCs and mobile devices that enables different tools for internal communication, real-time geolocation, task planning and device management.

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