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Several generations of players believe that this form of entertainment not only provided moments of excitement and fun, but also taught lessons that are applied in different areas of daily life. The truth is that video games can be part of the development of skills and science has not stopped investigating its benefits. A recent study found that gaming is related to how we react.

Video games would develop greater reaction capacities in people

An article by Francois R. Foerster, a cognitive neuroscientist at the Center for Research in Cognition and Neurosciences at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, revealed the results of research that found a relationship between video games and people’s reactions. To carry out the tests with subjects, 2 groups were formed with 25-year-old members, one with recognized and constant experience in video games and another whose members claimed to play little or nothing.
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Gamers’ brain electrical activity showed faster

Both groups were then subjected to stimulus and reaction tests by analyzing the electrical activity of the brain. The group related to videogames showed greater activity in this sense and therefore their reaction to the stimuli was faster than those who did not play. Although much more evidence and data are lacking to define the relationship between gaming and the reaction speed of individuals, especially the weight that videogames would have on this nervous, neural and brain development, the researcher pointed out: “just like other activities In everyday life, video games could have shaped the way we perceive and think about the world for several decades. Understanding the impact of video games on our brain seems to me a crucial social quest that can lead to the development of fun therapeutic solutions.” Keep up with us, in WTTSpod.
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