Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

A transaction for 10 thousand BTC with an estimated value of 165 million dollars has been made by the exchange Mt. Gox, the same exchange linked to the massive hack of over 744,000 BTC in 2014 that caused the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars at the time.

A sleeping wallet for 7 years wakes up.

It has recently been revealed according to CoinDesk that said transaction for 10,000 BTC was made to a single address, then different transactions were made in which an additional wallet received 3,500 bitcoins, then a transaction for 300 bitcoins was made to another wallet and others. transactions for small amounts to other unknown destinations. It seems that the other 6,500 BTC still remain in the first wallet and such movements may be open to different interpretations because the exchange may have simply sent the money to other wallets of its own, to other people, or collected it through a unofficial unofficial broker. However, the co-founder and CEO of blockchain analytics firm Cryptoquant, Ki Young Ju, highlighted on his Twitter account.

“Today 10,000 BTC have been moved with 7 years old. Not a surprise, it’s from criminals, like most old bitcoins. It’s the wallet from the BTC-e exchange, related to the 2014 Mt. Gox hack. They sent 65 BTC to @hitbtc a few hours ago, so it’s not a government auction or anything.”

Young Ju was also in charge of pointing out that 0.6% of the funds were sent to other exchanges in which one of those transactions was made to the HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange and requested the suspension of the account for suspicious activity.

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