Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Correctly managing data is one of the most important elements in the testing life cycle. In this regard, Test Data Management or TDM occupies a prominent place so that the time spent processing data can be reduced and thus contribute to improving the efficiency of any tool. With TDM, IT departments have a set of processes that allow them to satisfy the test data needs that development and testing teams need, since they have access to data with the quality they need, in the quantity they need and in the format you require. This is a trend that has been growing for several years and its management has been occupying more and more central positions in any quality process. The TDM market has changed in recent times, incorporating a new set of strategies. It has also been driven by a greater focus on application uptime, faster time to market, and lower costs. Ultimately, TDM is rapidly maturing alongside other IT initiatives such as DevOps and cloud. What is clear is that for a TDM project to be successful it needs to be counted and the right strategy established. A strategy that goes through, among other sections, to know what is the reality that test teams are currently facing; know what is the feasibility of a TDM project in an organization; how it complements the TDM and what advantages it provides with respect to current automations and also, to know what are the new requirements in the management of test data derived from the GDPR.

For a TDM project to be successful, it is necessary to count and establish a correct strategy.

In order to respond to this new reality, learn how a TDM strategy is established and find out what are the pillars of the success of the Test Data Management strategy, Icaria Technology organizes this free webinar in which the organizational aspects to be taken into account and of the delimitation of the scope and the regulatory frameworks at the hands of experts from CaixaBank, NTT Data, Masmovil, Capgemini and Integra.

By Alvaro Rivers

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