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Many fans are wondering if Wednesday Addams has always had superpowers. The Netflix series is succeeding in the catalog.

Has Wednesday Addams had superpowers in other adaptations? The Netflix series gives its titular character abilities, leaving many viewers wondering if he had them in previous Addams Family adaptations. The Addams Family spin-off follows the teenage daughter, played by Jenna Ortega. The girl enrolls in a new school, Nevermore Academy, after a violent incident at her previous high school. Upon her arrival, she finds herself embroiled in a murder mystery that is perfectly suited to her talents. Wednesday Addams offers a new perspective on the creepy family. One of the most significant changes in its mythology occurs through its protagonist, by endowing it with psychic powers.. Although characters like Morticia (she could blow smoke in the 1960s TV series) and Uncle Fetid (has powers of electricity) have exhibited superhuman abilities over the years, that hadn’t been their. Other than his vast intellect and his ability to drink poison without side effects, she had been depicted as a somewhat normal human girl. In this new Netflix series, she instead experiences psychic visions of the past and future, which helps her unravel the mystery plaguing her new school. In this way, Wednesday Addams shows a different facet of the protagonist than she had seen before.

The supernatural powers of daughter Addams

In the series, it is said that Wednesday Addams’ abilities manifested months before the events of the series. His ability is triggered by touching people. In episode 1, for example, he is able to identify Pugsley’s thugs after touching him. He can also see the future, as shown when he sees a man die in a car accident after colliding with him, which eventually occurs. The visions of him are aggressive, causing him to throw his head back and go into a trance-like state. As she describes it: “They appear without warning and feel like electroshock therapy, but without the satisfying after-effect.” Wednesday Addams’ abilities strengthen throughout the series, eventually allowing her to interact with the subjects of her visions, like her ancestor, Goody Addams, who plays a pivotal role in the story. Basically, he has inherited the abilities of his mother, Morticia, but there is a big difference between the manifestation of his powers. As Morticia explained in episode 5: “Our psychic ability resides in the spectrum of who we are.” Morticia is a self-described “Dove”, whose affable personality provides her with positive visions. Wednesday Addams, for his part, is a “Raven”, whose darkness gives him powerful but violent visions. Why did you decide to give the character superpowers? Wednesday’s series is intended to be a new interpretation of The Addams Family. Over the decades there have been multiple adaptations of the property, both on television and in film. Most of them have stuck to a fairly conventional approach to basic character traits. The fact that so many adaptations followed the same formula could have made the franchise feel dated, especially since several installments have been in trouble with critics. So the intention of Tim Burton’s Wednesday series was to do something different. “”Wednesday Addams is a very iconic character,” said showrunner Alfred Gough. “We thought, ‘What if we made her 16 years old and took her out of her family and put her in a boarding school, so she has to make a new kind of family?’ We wanted to put her in a setting that still feels like you’re in the world of the Addams Family, but completely different.”

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