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The competition between PlayStation and Xbox has transcended the realm of consoles and is now taking place in different sectors, such as services, online platforms and even markets that were not even imagined before. An example of this is what could happen in China, since a recent decision by Sony regarding its projects in that country revealed a relationship with what Xbox is looking for there.
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PlayStation Increases Support for China Hero Project

A Reuters report shared details of the announcement made by Sony Group Corp. in China where it revealed that it will increase investment in its video game incubator, China Hero Project, as it begins its third season. In case you don’t know, this project involves PlayStation as a support, supervision and development entity for video games created by Chinese studios. In its 2 seasons, 17 video games have been supported and 7 of them debuted on the market, confirming that there is a future perspective in one of the most important commercial regions. According to the information, Sony will increase $140,000 USD for each project and the goal is that many more video games will come true in this third season. Likewise, the company reported that it will be the publisher of 2 games that were formed in China Hero Project, Lost Soul Aside and Convallaria.

Sony’s decision would be motivated by Xbox’s interest in China

Although the project is successful on its own merit and the boost that Sony will give finds full justification for it, the report also mentions that the Japanese company’s decision is related to the growing interest shown by Microsoft | Xbox in the development scene in China. Last October, it was reported that the company is looking for a project that could have the same success that Genshin Impact has had on PlayStation and has reportedly been approaching developers and publishers about bringing their games to Xbox Game Pass. Follow here, at WTTSpod.
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